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Saturday, November 17, 2007

home again

We played "I'm thinking of an animal" on the way home from Vermont. As an illustration of why we are not homeschooling, I thought birds were mammals and Chris thought spiders had six legs. Our children are holding up well under the stress of ignorant parents and frequently correct us.

Although Vermont was lovely and it was absolutely beyond great seeing our friends, it is good to be home. Really, really good to be home. Besides, we have enough chocolate to last us several months. Or at least until Christmas.

We had snow before we left, which made everything even more beautiful. The fire was warmer, the air was clearer, the mountains were brighter. And yes, the coffee tasted better. I even found a cup of locally roasted coffee* in Burlington. Locally as in "roasted slightly down the street." There was exposed brick involved. And good music.

We're pretty exhausted after loading the eleventy-seven gallons of maple syrup in from the car, so a full report will have to wait till the morning.

*Speeder and Earls

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thefoodsnob said...

So glad you had a great time, and I totally understand about the homeschooling!