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Sunday, November 18, 2007

home is where the french press is

I think the best thing about going on vacation is the way my heart sings when I get home. It's like getting dressed up for a party and then changing back into flannel pajamas.

It's good to see the place with fresh eyes. I stop seeing some of the great things about my house when I'm here every day.

I'm also seeing that I need to paint. Looking at my walls every day, I sort of gloss over the trouble spots. Now I'm sitting with my morning coffee, prioritizing which walls come first. Because now that I've been away, I'm more motivated to take care of the space I'm in.

And speaking of trouble spots, the vacations themselves can be sort of rocky at times. Chris and I have always been particularly good at working together in times of impending disaster, like the time we went to Maine (before kids) in his Jaguar and locked ourselves out of the trunk where, oddly enough, the gas tank was. And that time we went to New York (before kids) and came home to the apartment our friends loaned us to find that the front door key fit but did not work. Fine except we were coming home from the opera. The opera was War and Peace. War and Peace goes on for hours and hours and it was very late when we got back - even by New York standards.

My niece once worked for a couple who seemed to have a really great marriage. She asked them what it was that made them tick and they told her a marriage should be a sanctuary. How novel. For us, it's those rocky spots in our flight plan that make us realize what a sanctuary our family is. I'll just leave it by saying that this trip has made me very, very grateful for my family.

Did I mention that it's good to be home?

And that we can't wait to go back to Vermont because we are running out of cinnamon swirl bread?


thefoodsnob said...

I have no philosphical thoughts on marriage, other than I'm glad I was 'older" and wiser when I did it (28.)
Surly you can make a mission of finding some good cinnamon swirl bread around you? Oh, and do it quick, please, so I know where to buy it when I'm at the Cape for Thanksgiving!



Susan said...

Lisa, I will accept the mission and search for cinnamon swirl bread near me. However, we often buy bread at Pain d'Avignon in Hyannis (near the airport) and it is delicious. And I highly highly oh so highly recommend getting a chocolate raspberry croissant while you are there (and eating it on the spot with a cup of coffee - which they also have).

It's just one more thing to be thankful for.

thefoodsnob said...

Hopefully I will be able to check it out, thanks!