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Monday, November 19, 2007

more songs about buildings and food (or just food)

Surprisingly, we do not weigh 700 pounds. I am not sure why we don't. We are very like those hobbits, enjoying our breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, tea, dinner and finally supper. With some treats thrown in.

We are partial to elevensies.

When we vacation, we like to do touristy things which involve food. In Vermont we toured Ben & Jerry's, Cabot's Creamery and Lake Champlain Chocolates. And when we buy souvenirs? They go in our pantry. This fits in with my plan for local domination - in which I get rid of the clutter, making it easier to find my pantry.

And I do need to find my pantry because it is slowly dawning on me that I will have a whole heap of people in my house in a couple days and they will want to eat. I need to find my brining pot. And I need to go grocery shopping because we have pretty much nothing in the refrigerator but eggs.

I cannot make a Thanksgiving dinner out of just eggs, unless I hard boil them and dress them up like pilgrims. The family I married into knows that my sense of humor is a tad off, so a pipecleaner-enhanced main dish may not surprise them. And if they are not surprised, why bother?

Thanksgiving is the time of year when I am glad to live in a house that has two kitchens. We are not kosher. We are copious. So people who feel smug about not sharing their house with three and a half generations plus a dog a cat and 4 chickens can now envy me with all their hearts because I will not be wondering what to do with all those side dishes. By side dishes I mean things like candied sweet potatoes, not the dog, cat and chickens.

But first I must find my house, which is currently somewhere behind the laundry baskets. Because who in their right mind goes on vacation the week before Thanksgiving? Someone who's thinking of making a hard boiled First Thanksgiving diorama for a centerpiece, that's who.

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thefoodsnob said...

LOL! I would LOVE a picture of that hard-boiled turkey!
(And, isn't it some kind of law that you HAVE to go to Ben and Jerry's while in Vermont?)
I think that's the worse thing about coming home from vacation: laundry.