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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

new furniture for the chickens

I had no idea a weekend away would provide me with so much ammunition.

My sister and I went from the sublime to the ridiculous - we stopped at the mall on our way to the airport. It took us about an hour to drive around the perimeter. And while doing so, we noticed a store (Outdoor World) that was roughly the size of our entire mall here on Merry Olde Cape Cod. Okay, so that's not saying much. But still, it was ridiculously huge.

It was so huge in its ridiculousness that we had to go inside.

There was a stone outcropping in the center of the store festooned with life size moose and a climber. Other animals too but I mostly noticed the moose and the climber for reasons of scale. There was a shooting range. And there was all manner of camouflage stuff. Including furniture.

I think camouflage is a popular pattern for things like upholstery and children's garments because I first noticed it at Children's Place. There was pink camouflage and beige camouflage. There were camouflage go-go boots.

Which is all lovely except that if there's something I'd like to be able to find, it's my kids. Also my cell phone, which is why I'm not getting the camouflage phone holster.

Which brings us back to Outdoor World. Oh come on, click the link - there's an awesome Flash slideshow.

I may be considered a trifle naive (maybe even dumb as rocks), but it took me a while to identify a heap of things in the store. Those little things you sit on that aren't lifeguard chairs because you're shooting at things, for instance. And the things that look like safes and are in fact safes but are for keeping your shotguns in.

This is not a store for people who name their chickens.

So I hope the people at the mall didn't mind me walking around and asking what things were and taking lots of pictures of things I have never seen in my life. As you all know, I don't get out much. And besides, people do that in my yard all the time.


thefoodsnob said...

Sounds like the LL Bean store in Maine, except with a lot more items to kill and maim animals :(
People do that in your yard?!


Susan said...

Lisa - people do not kill or maim animals in our yard. But they do walk around and look puzzled at some of the things found in our yard. For instance, Chris had a computer monitor sitting on the woodstove for awhile. Don't ask. I don't know. I married him anyway.

rain said...

Don't tell anyone - I dress my kids in camo so I can't find them. Maybe they'll stay hiding long enough for me to drink a latte.

Peter Stone said...

Please keep naming your chickens. When you stop naming them it is probably a signal to us that we should leave the Cape.