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Friday, November 9, 2007

oh look, something shiny!

This is the problem with my charmed life: I work late because I spend my days doing delightfully dorky things with my kids. I also work on my computer most of the time, which is fine unless I'm under deadline. Like tonight. Because there's no place easier to get derailed than in front of a computer.

See? I'm writing this instead of working. Oh, and I'm also emailing because when you have a question late at night and you email someone, guess what? They're up being derailed, too. And the next thing you know you're blogging, emailing, IM-ing and googling lyrics for the song you just got stuck in your head. Oh, and working.

I don't usually blog in the middle of working, but tonight is an extra special night because I have A Lot To Do and it has to be done by tomorrow morning because there is a show opening and it cannot go on without me.*

And no, I didn't put it off until now. I've been working on this project for about a month. Very dedicated, I am. It's just NOW that I'm putting it off. Because, you know, there's a lot.

La la la.

Now I know I have some very organized readers out there and I'm probably giving them a nervous breakdown, so I'll stop and get back to work.

For a little while.

*okay it probably can. But it's best not to let the people I work for know that, right? Right then, back to work.


Lisa said...

I can't say you scare me with it, I don't know how many times I'm 'supposed' to be doing something else, and I end up in the black hole of the blogging/internet/iTunes world.
I've actually had to turn off my internet connection to get a paper done.
Now you know my shame!

Susan said...

This is good news. Sometimes my organizational skills and poor planning make my sister physically ill. It's a skill.