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Friday, December 21, 2007

joyful and triumphant

When I was in high school a family I babysat for had an annual Christmas carol sing at their house. I loved it because we could sing Christmas songs and yet stay warm and within reach of the snack table. And I loved the family who hosted it. It is possible that I named my daughter after one of their girls, although I would have done it subconsciously. I remember doing social sorts of things with the mom, who I thought was the cat's pajamas. She gave me a diffuser for my hair dryer when my hair went curly. See? She was awesome.

For years I'd think of them at Christmastime, and wish that someone in my current circle would host a carol sing so I could relive those memories without having to do any of the work. Finally I gave up and invited a few friends over, thinking no one would be dorky enough to want to do it with me. Turns out, there are lots of dorky people out there.

We have many musiciany friends, which means there are enough ringers to cover for those of us who can't sing. Also there are usually a few people who have instruments in their cars - tonight we had clarinet and impromptu guitar accompaniment.

I was so glad to see everyone. Two of our friends, who have been together for 19 years, finally got married. I don't know why this is so exciting, since I always thought of them as married. Are they different, as a couple? They do have a bit of newlywed glee to them. And our babysitter came home from India just in time to be with us. She described where she was as "like the end of the world, but with everyone being very calm about the world having ended." We can't wait to see pictures.

Grievously missing was our pianist, Skip, who helped us launch this little shindig two years ago. He was pooped but hopefully will be back on board next year. It's a trifle hectic now, yes?

I don't know if the family I babysat for had the same motives, but I do love having a clean house. A clean and decorated house. I swear, if we didn't have parties, we'd probably lose each other in the mess and have to get gps devices sewn into our underwear. Every once in awhile it's good to have a reason to get all hands on deck and make some sense of the mayhem.

Except now I can't get into my bedroom because that's where all the stuff landed.

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