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Monday, December 10, 2007

maybe some wassail would help

Oh I am so in the Christmas spirit.

Okay, now I'm not.

Oh wait, I'm back into it again.

After all, it can't be worse than our first Christmas with Lucy, right? When the car broke down after the midnight service in Cambridge? And we got home at 4 in the morning? And Lucy woke up at 6, same as she always does? That's the year the tree fell over. I was a little - how shall we say - not myself and I made Chris bring the chainsaw into the livingroom and cut a foot off the bottom of the tree. Mind the lights!

This year is much better. We have no tree. We have no cards ready to go in the mail. I have done precious little shopping. See? It's going great.

Last night we went to the Christmas Cavalcade - which is a crazed line-up of musicians (and a real live Barnum & Bailey clown this year), playing Christmasey songs (Christmasish?) - including my favorite "Smokin' Euphoria" by the Greenheads.

So I was into it, right? And then I spent some time today in a retail environment where I listened to people buy things for other people even though they knew it was not what the other person wanted. Which made me want to give apple fritters to everyone on my list and call it a day.

Does anyone know how to make apple fritters?

Let me tell you, I wish I had found this pattern before today because everyone would be getting felted squid FOR SURE. If I start now I'll have them all done for next year. Felted squid!

But since I'm not making felted squid I have heaps of time to do all my decorating and party planning. More on parties later. Because there are Always More Parties. Although I can't imagine they could be any more fun than witnessing this (or something like this):

Chandler Travis Philharmonic w. the Athol Thingerth- photo by Rachel Jarvis


Fred said...

squids for christmas next year ... PLEASE?!?!?!?!?

I always liked those sugared cranberries, too (hint hint)

thefoodsnob said...

The squids are excellent, too bad I am totally inept at any sewing-type thing.
I'm about as ready as you are for Christmas (our tree isn't even up yet.) Though I did take a picture last night, presumably for Valentine's Day cards at this point.


Susan said...

Fred - You will be top of the squid list.

Lisa - who doesn't love Valentine's day cards? Much nicer to get mail in February.