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Saturday, December 1, 2007

more agoraphobic socialites, please

Today began another flurry of parties for Lucy to attend. It also marked the start of a trend I don't like One Little Bit.

If we make it to all of them, Lucy will go to five parties in the next two weeks. All of the parties are at indoor play centers - bowling, movies, whatever. There will be pizza and sheet cakes. They will all be very nearly exactly the same.

When you have a party at one of these places, the kids don't get to open their presents during the party. Is this some new politically correct thing? So kids don't compare who gave what to whom? I'm all for social equality, but I want to see the presents.

I am in no way complaining about these parties. I mean, a party's a party. There are very few parties I don't like. I even like parties when I only have a few minutes to talk to people roughly my own height and I feel like I've thrown myself in front of a truck when it's all over (this last part is reminiscent of some of those other parties, now that I think about it). The thing is, I really like going to people's houses.

Am I alone in this? Are people not entertaining at home any more because no one wants to go to other people's houses? Or because people don't want other people in their houses? If it's a privacy issue, you can just do what my friend Doug used to do in college - fill your medicine cabinet with ping pong balls.

We went to a party a week or so ago at someone's house. We got to sit around while the kids played. We got to drink hot cider. Some of us even stayed long enough to hear the hostess say "hey, when you put an end time on the invitation people actually leave!" Okay, so I was still there but it wasn't my fault because my husband was playing ping pong with the host's husband (not with the balls he found in the medicine cabinet). I was on the couch considering a nap in the sun.

Now I don't make myself completely and embarrassingly at home in everybody's house (not right away at least), but I like having the opportunity.

And it hasn't escaped me that maybe it's the kids who are requesting these birthday parties. Must it really be all about them all the time?

In short, please invite me over. I need some new decorating ideas. And yes, I'd love a cup of tea.


Fred said...

well ... the work on the house isn't done yet, but by all means ... come on over!

just give a call before you do (or even from the driveway) ... the new doorbell seems to be broken ...

Susan said...

Excellent... my plan is working... invitations FLOCKING in...

thefoodsnob said...

Love the ping pong balls!
I have parties somewhere else because I don't want all the KIDS in my house. The parents are welcome, come on over!


hazelblackberry said...

You can come over anytime.