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Saturday, December 29, 2007

ring out the old

Buckle up, my friends, it's Resolution Time!

Actually, it's not Resolution Time. That's not for another couple days. Resolutions must be done spontaneously and all at once, like jumping into a very cold pool.

This is Think About Resolutions Time. Or maybe, Reminisce About Resolutions Time. My first truly memorable New Years Resolution Experience was the year I broke up with the boyfriend right around, oh, Christmas. "Boyfriend" now seems too strong a word, although then it felt pretty important - for a couple months. Because who can date someone for more than two months before wanting that someone to Go Away? Not me.

Oh but this is not about my serial dating. The year I broke up at Christmas I found myself with no plans for New Years and had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I had not yet ingratiated myself back into the circle of girlfriends and was not all that keen on going out with the coupley friends. Lucky for me, I happen to like spending time by myself (see "go away" reference above). So I settled in for the evening and actually wrote in the journal I had been meaning to write in. I have several journals, all of which have about six pages of writing.

I spent the night with my cats, an over-priced champagne glass, and my journal. I wrote down everything I was grateful for that happened over the last year and then wrote what I wanted to improve in the coming year. When I was done, I felt like I had accomplished a significant ritual, closing out the old year and welcoming the new one. I've done something like that every year since then.

For awhile I taught English to adult speakers of other languages. I think I have written about this experience before but am too lazy to look it up and link to it. One of the things we did was to write New Years Resolutions. Many of my students had never heard of this tradition and embraced it whole heartedly. One couple, from Peru, wrote "buy a house" on their list. They reminded me of their resolution when they bought their first house.

I forgot to tell them that not following through on resolutions is another part of the tradition.

Although I am not ready to start the list of hopes and dreams for 2008 (it's too early AND I have not done my hand stretching/typing exercises yet), I suppose there is no harm in bidding farewell to 2007.

I think it was a good year. My floor is clean. My Christmas tree did not fall over. For this I am grateful.

It was a bittersweet year. In April my mother-in-law went from legally blind to totally blind. But with her blindness came my niece - a world class caregiver. And with my niece came her fiancé (although she and he and we did not know it way back in April). And with her fiancé came their expected baby. And our home, which has never been dull, is miraculously brimming with life and family and abundance.

And chickens. Let us not forget the chickens. Étouffée, Consommé, and Pâte à Choux are laying about 20 eggs a week between the three of them. We are starting to suspect Béarnaise of being a rooster and may soon change his/her name to Coq au Vin.

In 2008 I may resolve to spend less time thinking of names for the chickens. But I doubt it.

In February I wrote my first blog entry ever. Although it is about 8 lines long, it took me at least an hour. And that was before I realized that people could find and read this stuff. This is post #270.

We lost some friends to the wild west but are learning that miles do not separate people.

We've made gradual improvements here and there. It is now possible to walk part way through our basement. Chris completed phase one of The Deck Project. The garden has at least part of a fence. And just yesterday Chris replaced a floor board so Studley can no longer drop puzzle pieces, race cars and safe deposit box keys through the hole.

Finally, I am extra grateful for the people who constitute our extended family. Oh, and of course for Trout Towers. Cheers.


thefoodsnob said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful year.
I, too, am perfectly happy by myself, which I can't seem to explain to some people.
I think I must have missed the chicken's names before, I would have remembered!
They are TOTALLY awesome.


Susan said...

Lisa - Happy New Year! As for the chickens, you only missed their names because I change them just about every time I write. You know, to ensure their anonymity. And because it makes me giggle. I'm glad you liked the Food Snobby ones!