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Sunday, December 2, 2007

seeds, sprouts and the resurrection

Several months ago Sarah gave me some sunflower seeds. I was nervous and went a little overboard caring for them, including but not restricted to taking the sprouts on vacation. When she saw what a good job I was doing, she entrusted me with a small fig tree - grown from a cutting.

I knew I should have taken it on vacation with us but failed to heed my inner obsessive worrier and when we came home from Vermont it looked like this:

I knew I'd have to come clean sooner or later, so I called Sarah and told her I had killed her fig. All the leaves are crunchy. The little buds are brown. But she just told me to be patient and it would come back. So I watched. And waited. And watered.

And then, A Miracle! If you look very closely the fig apparently thinks it's spring:

And there was much rejoicing.

I hope this doesn't set its production schedule back. Because I do love fresh figs.


rain said...

Fig trees are indestructable. I should know. Have you read my fig post?


thefoodsnob said...

I didn't even KNOW you could grow fig trees. Of course, I have a black thumb with plants in the house, so it's probably just as well.


Susan said...

Rain - that is the most beautiful fig tree ever. I will be buying a house next door to you at my earliest convenience.

Lisa - I know, me either. Having a horticulturally intelligent friend is doing wonders for my black thumb. Next I'll be replacing entire walls of my house with espaliered fruit trees.