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Thursday, December 13, 2007


When the woman at the dancewear store handed me the world's smallest ballet slipper I asked her if parents routinely fall on the floor in fits of giggles. They do.

Buying Lucy's ballet gear was one of the things I did in preparation for our gigantic winter storm. I also dropped off some drycleaning, picked up some chutney and had lunch with my mother. I had a huge lunch because a) she was buying and b) I might have to live off my stored fat for awhile.

When I dropped Lucy off at school they warned that school might close early and to watch for signs of weather. "Signs of weather" is like "custard consistency" in that I might recognize it but am not exactly sure what it means. So I asked (not about custard consistency) and it turns out that a sign of weather is a snowflake. "Snow, Schmo!" I scoffed. I am not from here. A little snow doesn't stop ME.

So after lunch I walked out into Signs of Weather - billions and billions of signs of weather. So many signs of weather, in fact, that it was hard to spot the car. I had 45 minutes to make the drive to Lucy's school (a 20 minute drive) and was 5 minutes late. This is a story question. If you are eating lunch 20 minutes from school and leave after the eggnog latte but before the apple crumble, how many signs of weather at custard consistency will slow you to a pace resulting in a 5 minute negative return?

I do not know the answer to this question. But I do know that there were lots of cars between me and where I was going. I was also very aware of my superior attitude and was just sure I had karma-ed myself into sliding off the road. I did not. Because my very firm grip on the steering wheel kept me on the road. Did you know that you can actually will your car to move forward or stop fishtailing if you hold onto the steering wheel firmly enough? Firmly enough to need a hot bath and some deep tissue massage when you get home? It's true.

The sun is supposed to be out all day tomorrow, so I am hoping that they give us a snowday. I have angels to make on the lawn. We have sleds to inaugurate. They can't just amp us up about a gigantic winter storm and then not let us stay home and eat our chutney. Can they?


rain said...

I loe a snow day. Love, It. It's like a holiday. Nobody gets out and worries don't get in.

thefoodsnob said...

We had no school at all, even before there was one flake. I thought it was kind of silly (although I was very, very happy) until it started snowing like crazy at 10 am, and didn't stop unless it was sleeting.The only bad part is that our new puppy needs to go out about every 30 minutes.
Good times.


Susan said...

They had school on Friday! We almost missed it because I was so set on making snow angels all day I kind of didn't listen to the radio.

Liz said...

The answer to your question is 42.56 but only if the eggnog latte is luke warm.