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Friday, January 4, 2008

the aftermath

When I was a kid my dad assembled our stereo from a Heathkit. He liked that kind of stuff - prolonged agony and frustration with a (hopefully) functioning end product. The kits were bulky and technical and only slightly less complicated than my system for Christmas storage. Because everything has its own box, see? And they only go together this one particular way. Which only I know. Some year I will deconstruct Christmas when Lucy is awake so she can begin learning her rites of passage. Right down to throwing away the poinsettias. Maybe I should draw a diagram for future generations.

I think I got everything, except I am missing a baby Jesus. If anyone accidentally swiped a baby Jesus when they were last at my house, Mary, Joseph and a couple sheep are looking for him. It is a very small baby Jesus, but the Guatemalan creche looks like your average farm scene without him. And believe me, we have enough farm scenes around here.

I suspect Studley.

If Studley made off with him, all is well because we will discover its hiding place when we clean our house. Which will be just in time for next Christmas.


rain said...

Oh no! Not baby Jesus! I'll pray for his safe return to the creche - or, at very least, the Playmobil castle.

Fred said...

Maybe next year Chris can hook you up like they did in Florida this year:
Baby Jesus: Now With GPS Super Powers!

And ... wouldn't you just know it ... it worked!
GPS Jesus Nabs Christmas Thief

I'm just sayin' ...

Susan said...

Rain - who wouldn't rather spend the year in the Playmobil castle than be stuck in a plastic box in the basement?

Fred - I've put a GPS device on a couple of the sheep, so when they find Jesus I can follow them. And then I'll put them in the Playmobil castle.

JAbel said...

A friend in Ohio has a great story about his wifes small dog(boswell) taking the baby jesus from the manger beneath their tree one year.Boswell growled at any attempts to take baby jesus back for over an hour till he was distracted with polish sausage and baby jesus was rescued.

thefoodsnob said...

I bet you DO need another farm scene!