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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

change of dinner plans

There will be no coq au vin, or even chicken stew tonight.

Behold, the green egg we've all been waiting for. Thank you, Easter Chicken.

I could not believe my eyes when I looked into the coop this morning. And of course the neighbors could not believe their ears.

"Who's the best chicken? Oh yes, who's the best chicken who lays the prettiest eggs? You! What a good chicken. Good girl! Here, have some Cheerios off our floor!"

They've gotten used to seeing me out there in my sock monkey flannel pajamas, but the cooing praise may be going too far.

It could always be worse. I do not yet sing to them. I sing to neither the chickens nor the neighbors.

I brought the eggs in (yes eggs, not just the green one - two brown and one white but whatever), washed them off and searched the house for someone to show off to. Our downstairs neighbors were home and boy will they resolve to get out of the house faster in the morning.


Jacob said...

Yes! You just made my day.

I'll be on the Cape this weekend. Save the shell so I can peek! :)

JAbel said...

Do you have "regular" chickens or those birds that come in several different colors.I never even thought about what type of chicken lays brown vs white eggs let alone green.But I did have my friends daughter when she was 4 convinced that Chocolate Milk came from Brown Cows.

Ranzige Bunzing said...

Perhaps singing to the chickens will result in more eggs. Give it a try.

BTW, have you seen tiwici.wordpress.com? Apparently the moth has flown in a somewhat different direction...

thefoodsnob said...

Green eggs, never heard of them (are you sure they're not bad?)
I can just imagine you talking to the chickens, lol! I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy talking to my puppy at 6 A.M. in my pj's.
But, she's a golden retriever and not a chicken.



Susan said...

Jacob- Come on by! The Green Egg exhibit is always open. Until we eat it. (just the egg - the chicken is off the hook for the time being).

Jabel - I have nothing regular. Okay actually, yes, I have regular chickens although I really really want the ones with big fluffy hats or furry feet. We have 2 chickens that lay brown eggs, one that lays white eggs and now one that lays green eggs. It goes with the breed - unlike chocolate milk which, is I believe, related to the diet of a brown cow.

Ranzige - Perhaps if you sing to Humpy he will lay eggs, too? And thank you for the link - I will sleep better now!

Lisa - to continue the dissertation I started above, the green egg comes from our Arcana chicken. They lay eggs that range from olive to turquoise! I think you should dress Sydney up like a chicken and sing to her.

rain said...

"Green eggs and ham, green eggs and ham,
I do not like themqcy, Sam I am".

thefoodsnob said...

LOL! Sydney looked like a chicken this morning after being rained on!
(She prefers Van Morrison, by the way, never said I don't sing to her ALREADY!)



Ranzige Bunzing said...

Actually there´s this chicken in Mexico also popping out green eggs and apparently it´s making world news headlines...
This could have been your chicken becoming famous (and then hook up with a backup chicken and have 2 eggs and have the other chicken take them away and have pictures of a crying chicken in an ambulance in People magazine... nope, I get carried away again)