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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

chicken envy

We've been turned down as chicken foster parents.

This will surprise you, but we have some friends who have chickens. And they were thinking about getting two more chickens - chickens which lay greenish eggs, oddly enough. But my friend is having a baby (a real live human baby, not a chicken) around the time one needs to take proper identification ($5) to the feed store and claim one's chicks. They thought this might be a bit much, having a box of chickens in their living room at a time when sleep deprivation makes things like not going to work in your bathrobe next to impossible. So I offered foster care. Until their chicks could move into the coop with the older siblings. Or get a job.

And if we had their baby chicks in our livingroom, then what would be the harm in getting a couple baby chicks of our own?

You see where this is going, yes?

Except then my friend decided that since she will be talking to herself in a sing-song voice while at work in her bathrobe anyway, she may as well just do it all and pick up her own baby chicks in the spring. To which I replied "but... but....?"

Fortunately Chris has not been paying such close attention and has instead just been nodding and saying "okay, yeah sure," which is geek-speak for "not now woman, I'm reading Fark!"

I am totally getting one of these:

behold the bearded white silkie.


jenrebecc said...

dude. that thing is awsome.

rain said...

Have I mentioned that my Jamie is a 4H survivor? Do you have 4H in the States? He raised chickens and I have heard of the splendor that is the Silkie...and I hear again every year at the fall fair. Apparently the eggs taste the same as other chicken eggs. Do you think you could put those feathers in a pony tail? I would like to try.

Susan said...

Jenrebecc - several shades of awesomeness.

Rain - If the feathers won't fit in a ponytail, I am sure 20 or so butterfly clips would work. After all, it's listed as "docile."

I have many questions for Jamie (starting with "define docile."