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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Daily Paper

Reporting live from The Daily Paper in Centerville!

No, I haven't gone and gotten a new day job. The Daily Paper is a restaurant. I have finished my lunch and Studley has about, oh, 45 minutes to go on his. He is very thorough.

One of the waitresses was just giving an egg tutorial to the ladies at another table. Sunny side up, over easy.... ask me anything, I know it all now. She also said that one customer had looked at her quizically when asked how she wanted her eggs. "No one ever asked me that before," she had said. The waitress thought maybe the woman had never left the house before, but I know better.

I don't personally know the woman in question, but (this one time at band camp) this one time when Chris was on the road with the band he used to work for they went out for breakfast and all ordered different things. When the order arrived and they all got the same kinds of eggs they pointed it out to the waitress. "This is not what we ordered," they said. "Oh," she said. She did not say "but that is what you will eat if you are wise" but it was implied.

So obviously, the woman in story A had been eating at the restaurant at story B. And because I happened to have my laptop with me, I didn't have to admit to the egg-orderers or the waitress in restaurant A that I was eavesdropping by telling them about restaurant B. I could just tell you all about it. Aren't you so lucky?

The Daily Paper is one of my favorite places in the Hyannis area. They are only open for breakfast and lunch, both of which they do spectacularly. And I'm not just saying that because we went to a Red Sox game with the owners once. It was like a blind date - we bought two of the available tickets and they bought the other two. We haven't been on any more dates together but I do like eating their food when I'm in town. They have a breakfast burrito that's pretty great. And Aaron makes fresh hollandaise throughout the morning. I am toying with the idea of offering to help him clean out the pans when he's getting ready to make a new batch.

The Daily Paper also serves my favorite Beanstock coffee - roasted in Wellfleet. I was here when John (one of the Beanstock owners) was delivering coffee one morning and now he thinks I'm a Beanstock stalker. And just so I don't have to bore the nice people at the next table with this story....

This one time (not at band camp) I was at Mahoney's Atlantic Bar & Grille with a group of friends which included my husband and baby daughter. One of my friends had just been told she should go easy on caffeine and so I (having recently been through a caffeine deprived pregnancy) told her about the Beanstock's Sumatra decaf. It is dark and rich and delicious. I went on and on about how great it is and where she could get it. I do that - go on and on about delicious things. In case you didn't know.

So shortly before we left, a handsome stranger leaned over the back of my chair and handed me a cocktail napkin with writing on it. I glanced at it long enough to see that there was a Phone Number involved. I glanced at my husband. I glanced at the stranger, who just said "read it" and left.

The note said: "Thank you for your support of Beanstock Coffee. Please call us and we'll send you your favorite kind." Turns out John was sitting behind us at the bar. We have been Level 3 friends ever since (see post below), although we have never been on a Red Sox double date.

Sometimes it pays to go on and on about the things you like.


thefoodsnob said...

I love Beanstock coffee! Haven't found it off the Cape, and the place my parents used to buy it from is closed, boo hoo.
I will have to search it out next weekend I'm up (and thanks for the spice info. I will have some 'new' food quests next time!)


Susan said...

Lisa - also closed is Pain d'Avignon, where I suggested you go for bread and chocolate raspberry croissants. Darn! They still provide to retailers, but the bakery has moved.

I can't remember where you said your parents are, but I think you mentioned the upper Cape? They can get Beanstock by the pound at the Daily Paper (West Main Street, Centerville - nearish the High School) or Paul's Bean & Bagel (corner of Jarvis & 6A, Sandwich). Enjoy!

thefoodsnob said...

Sandwich, so I'll be checking out Paul's, I know EXACTLY where it is!