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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Egg Pants

In case you've been fretting, the playdate yesterday went just fine.

I was thinking the way to fend off my insecurities would be to hire a few friends to drop by and mention how great we are and how much they love coming to our house - all for the benefit of my new friend who we shall continue to call Giselle.

Maybe, for instance, one of our songwriting friends could stop by to tell us he/she had written an ode to Trout Towers and would we mind listening to it? It would maybe be about our Christmas party and include

There were beverages laid out for the party
There were Indian spices and tricolored pastas...

We had the best time at your party
The wife and I thank you very much
We had the best time at your party
The wife and I thank you very much

Except of course that Ween already wrote that song (pretty sure it wasn't about us but I would not necessarily point that out). I am sure it would look completely natural and Giselle would fall for it hook, line and sinker. She would leave thinking wow, that's such an amazing place! What cool chickens! What nice people! Oh I do hope they liked us.....

I am a poor planner and forgot to make the phone calls necessary for this unparalleled display of feigned affection. Lucky for me, our relocated-but-here-in-spirit friends saved the day. A package arrived yesterday, full of Christmas presents with "We Love You" written all over them. And oh did we feel the love. There were games! There was drinking chocolate! There were egg pants!

Um. Egg pants?

Yes, egg pants. They are dip-molded PVC egg cups that make our soft-boiled eggs look like they have waddley little legs. I was so enamored of them I looked up their designers (Liz Kinnmark & Kegan Fisher), who say

"We believe that we are living in a design glut. There is an excess of designed products on the market, which consumers send to the landfill at an alarming rate. As product designers, the big question is how do we justify making more stuff?

Our answer is to design things that are better, more intelligent, and make people happier than what already exists. We believe in quality materials and timeless beauty. Conceptually, we see product design as a medium to convey messages. Big-spending advertisers tell us all the time how their brands convey wealth, status, or give the owner membership in a group. We want to replace those with our own message: think for yourself, consume intelligently rather than mindlessly, buck the trends."

And so when Giselle and her daughter arrived I was prancing around with my new egg pants, feeling very well loved indeed. Maybe she left thinking what a cool place this is after all.

Either way, I hope they come back again for a visit soon. I'll make them soft-boiled eggs.


thefoodsnob said...

I'm certain they left thinking that.
(How could they not?)


Susan said...

Here's hoping! If they DID leave thinking that, I may put the whole experience in my marketing portfolio.