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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Geezer, revisited

Oh, the lies.

I haven't been as forthcoming with you as I'd like. You see, every once in a while Chris becomes curious about what's going on in his house. And instead of looking up from his computer he finds it simpler to read the blog, which would have been disastrous if I had told you things that I was not telling him.

Specifically, that I was planning a rock show with six bands plus special guests to celebrate his numerically important birthday.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep something like that a secret? Especially when the people in the bands are friends of his? And half the world is invited and has been talking about it for months?

Here's what went wrong:
  1. The place I booked called me 3 weeks before the party to let me know they had double booked the space and I was out. They were doing it as a favor to Chris, so recourse including but not restricted to having a tantrum on their lawn was right out.
  2. Organizing musicians is like herding chickens. Fortunately, I like chickens.
  3. If there's anything else, I have blocked it out and would need hypnosis to recover it.

Here's what went right:
  1. Chris was completely surprised.
  2. Like chickens, the bands were willing to play for food and love.
  3. The alternate venue was absolutely perfect in every way and if I wasn't concerned about facing possible assault charges I would kiss the owner.
  4. Everyone I asked to help jumped right up to the plate and gave 110%. Chris has some amazing friends who appreciate him more than I had realized.
  5. Lots of other things I will never forget and probably never stop talking about. Even under hypnosis.
Two of the bands wrote songs just for him. His brother flew out from San Francisco. Friends appeared from everywhere. His friend Chandler had a trophy made for him siting "most questionable achievement in some new category." As my mother is fond of saying, Chris was flabbergasted (wow, flabbergasted is an actual word).

The party was open to the public, although there wasn't much room for extras. I felt I had a karmic responsibility and was glad to see party crashers helping themselves to food. After all, I would never have lived through my 20's without party food and happy hours.

Speaking of being in one's 20's, one of the biggest thrills was seeing the ska band that's been recording here. It was great beyond reason to see them perform instead of just hearing the horns or the guitar tracks. They created quite a buzz and many of us can't wait to see them again.

I probably should have started this post a couple months ago. It's hard writing about it today because I've been busy eating leftover birthday cake, napping, and trying to figure out how to reengage the 7/8ths of my brain that has been otherwise occupied.

I could even have started it when I was writing about his decoy party in December. I'm sorry I deceived you with tales of birthday partyness back then, but honestly, the F1 party was so darn fun I almost threw in the towel on the surprise party. But I'm glad I didn't - I would have missed out on leftover cake.

So, to all the people who played, the people who helped me lie, the people who engineered the sound and managed the stage, the people who showed up and yelled surprise and the people who were there in spirit, I thank you. I'd kiss you all if it weren't for those legal repercussions.


thefoodsnob said...

Sounds like a great time, and I can't imagine the stress and organization involved! I wasn't allowed to have a party for hubby for HIS 'numerically important' birthday as his parents couldn't come, so maybe the next one!


Fred said...

best cape cod rock show in ages - and a birthday party too boot - everyone is still talking about it!

Susan said...

Lisa - I'm not known for my organizational or leadership skills, I just had a great advisory committee.

Fred - hey, can I get a copy of your recording? It seems the guy who was supposed to be doing the board mix got drunk. Rock on.

JAbel said...

That sounds like a good music night.I wonder if bands from back in my day like Magic and the Reggae Stars or The Sun Mountain Fiddler are still around Provincetown.The Fiddler was also in a band called"Inside Out Band" that played"The old Meeting House" in Provincetown pretty much across the street from Napis.But I was a faithful Jug Band groupie.

Ranzige Bunzing said...

Actually the word flabbergasted has a German origin. ´Gast´ means guest and mister Flaubert had an inn somewhere in Germany. He managed this in a quite strange way, so all the guests were shocked and complained. Until someone saw the funside of it and people went there just to get surprised by everything that went wrong. (I think Fawlty Towers was also partially based on this inn.)
So one became a Flaubert-gast, later becoming the expression flabbergasted.