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Friday, January 11, 2008

live, on location

I am supposed to be at a friend's art studio right now. Okay, she does not exactly qualify as a friend, yet. I have Levels of Friend, you see. There is Level One, where when you call this friend you can just start talking. At Level Two you call a friend and identify yourself by name. Level Two-B requires first and last name. And Level Three requires first and last name as well as a brief description: "Hi, it's Daisy Pinwheel - I'm the one who accidentally ate your son's entire birthday cake during the pony rides." Level Three qualifies as "Acquaintance" unless the acquaintance is famous and then he or she is a Level Three Friend.


Elizabeth is an L:2b - but only because Susan is such a common name. If I were named Euridice she would know right away who I was when I called.

Really, we're like, totally, friends.

Or we would have been by the end of the evening if I had actually been able to go to her Bring Your Own Craft Night at her studio. I was going to take my knitting, which presented a problem because I wanted to take pictures of her studio and do a bit of live blogging - to show you how cool I am, spending the evening in a real live artist's studio. Maybe I could have taken my laptop with a picture of my sweater on it and told them it's that new version of Guitar Hero - "Knitting Betty." You should hear the noise it makes when you drop a stitch.

I am not there because - surprise! - THERE IS A BAND AT MY HOUSE. I thought they'd be done by 6, but judging from the fact that the floor is still shaking, they are not. Chris told me "go on ahead, I'll turn the baby monitor on."

I heard: "go on ahead, I'll just put the kids in the car with the window open a crack since I won't be able to hear them anyway and at least that way I'll know where they are."

But the real reason I'm not on someone else's couch blogging is because it is dumping guinea pigs and chihuahuas out there. I tell you, if it keeps up I'm packing a lunch and walking down the road to wait it out on my neighbor's fishing boat. It's just not right, all this rain.

I don't mind driving in the rain, but I can't get the seat belt over my life vest. The studio is on the mainland - which means that when the bridge washes out I will have to swim home.

So here I am, not hanging out with artists. Call me -I have caller ID so you can just start talking.


JAbel said...

Mainland,Are you on Lt.Is..My best buddys parents leased a place there for years before buying a place on the other side of 6 on Eastwind Circle.Because I knew of the tide coming over that little wooden bridge we dropped off a pledge class of 6 on the Island a week before Thanksgiving in 1980.Suffice it to say they were confused which way to go once we left but wound up getting a town to town police shuttle to Hyannis and put on the bus back to Boston.I love it out there.

Susan said...

Jabel - You ABANDONED people, knowing the tide would come in and render them stranded with only seagulls for company?

That kind of rocks. Did any of them stay?

JAbel said...

Well we told them that but the tide charts that night had high tide much later than when we were there.It was supposed to bond the pledges together and it did that.They wouldn't tell us what happened for a few weeks.I was left in N.H.. It's what dumb college guys did

JAbel said...

Susan this is a bit off topic for this post but I was reading your book posts and there is a wonderful book from 1989 called"My Pamet" by Tom Kane.He wrote a weekly column for the Advocate sort of a blog before blogs.It stretches from 1951 to 1978 and Kane grew up on the cape so there are stories farther back than 51.I see copies on ABE books and there is even a copy at Wellfleet Books.I have given this book many times as agift to friends who love the Cape Tip as much as I do.

thefoodsnob said...

You have rain, we have snow. At least it's pretty! I always tell people who I am with a desciption. I think it was a law when I was born every third girl had to be named Lisa?
(Loved 'I ate your son's whole birthday cake?!)


Susan said...

jabel - book recommendations are never off-topic. That one sounds great!

Lisa, the food snob whose birthday is on New Years Eve - Happy snow day!