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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

of bats and chickens

Today Lucy asked me if bats ate chickens. This reminded me of my fondness for bats and I suggested we build a bat house for them (after assuring her that no, they did not eat chickens). She got very excited about it and told me where we should put it and how we should make it, "and we'll put toys in for them!" she exclaimed.

Last time I was at PetSmart I totally missed the bat aisle. Bat toys, bat waterers, little guano-catchers and those cute little sweaters with holiday themes.

I had seen an article on making a Burlap Bat Boudoir in Mother Earth News a few weeks ago. A bat boudoir? Who doesn't want a bat boudoir? When I looked it up just now I noticed the sentence "I had a habit of storing old rugs and burlap sacks by hanging them over the rafters in my small barn and carport."

Really now? My husband has a habit of storing granite sinks in our driveway.

All this talk of chickens and bats and natural predators real and imagined made me realize that it was time to let the chickens run free again. They seem perfectly happy all safe in their coop, but when they are digging in leaves and dashing across the lawn they have an aura of euphoria to them. Yes, there is some danger a hawk will swoop down and carry one away (and introduce her to its friends and treat her like an exchange student), but there is nothing like seeing a clan of chickens come running when you call them.

And speaking of household pets, we have good news and bad news in the robotic vacuum department. Bad news: the new Jessica went belly-up within a week. Good news: iRobot tech support is as good as it was rumored to be and the new Jessica is now belly-down. More good news: in the process of resuscitating the new Jessica it became evident that the original Jessica could also be rehabilitated. A vacuum barely alive.
Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic vacuum. Jessica will be that vacuum. Better than she was before. Better, stronger, faster.
But we can't have two Jessicas. We would get confused. The Roombas would likewise get confused. So we asked Lucy to name Jessica's new sister.

Lucy's well-read. Heck, she's even been to an opera.

She named Jessica's sister "Ashlee." Where have we gone wrong?


Lisa said...

Good to see you back!

Oddly enough, just tonight I saw a bat fly up against my living room window. I thought I must be mistaken, until my husband said he saw it too, and then I saw it again later. Weird - no previous bat sightings here. And no newly hung old rugs or burlap bags either.

JAbel said...

Funny post but I had to look up a group of chickens and they are called a brood or a peep.Now I know where the little easter ones get their names.Oddly enough on same site peeps are called a litter.Boys of a certain age would get into long talks about if a bat and a chicken fought who would win.

A said...

Ha! You're the Simpsons..!

Susan said...

Lisa - I think granite sinks attract bats too - do you have one outside somewhere? It's so 2008 to have a sink in your driveway.

JAbel - I am pleased that you inadvertently learned something while reading my blog. And since you brought up the question of who would win, I inexplicably have the song "Monkey vs. Robot" stuck in my head. Thanks for that.

A - I keep trying to convince Lucy to rename them Bart and Lisa. Close, right? She's not buying it. Fortunately I don't know any of those Other Simpsons' songs to get stuck in my head.