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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

ring in the new

Happy New Year!

We were going to ring in the new year listening to some friends play in a particularly lovely bar, but a) our babysitter bailed and b) I just can't stay out that late. We had enough time to go out to dinner, where we had about 12 things. You know, just in case we decided to amend our resolutions and add "diet" or "lose 30 pounds" or some such nonsense.

After dinner we came home and had a very romantic evening of charting our 2008 business plan. Now that I think about it, if we follow through on the business plan I may lose those 30 pounds. It's ambitious.

We are not usually mistaken for ambitious people. We don't want a bigger house. We are not A types. But we do find certain projects very gratifying and have dreamed up several things which would be both gratifying and good for business. This is the year to follow through on those ideas.

With that in mind, I'm resolving to make order of the mayhem. I might even figure out how to use a calender. I feel like order is right there, waiting for me to notice and act on it. Like underneath our perceived chaos is simplicity and harmony just waiting to be lived.

I'm also resolving to stop blaming people for things even when it is obviously and unmistakably clearly so completely their fault.

I will probably not diet.

I think that's enough for now. I am still in my pajamas and already feeling a little overwhelmed.


Note: Resolution to not diet is in full swing.


rain said...

Good luck with the business plan. Maybe you can do most of it in your pajamas. I stil have to make my resolutions but can't decide whether to make them simple and achievable, or complicated and challenging?

Lisa said...

Happy New Year!

I began my "eat more healthy foods" resolution by having two oreo chocolate truffles for breakfast - Woohoo!

Best wishes for a great year!

Susan said...

Happy New Year, Rain & Lisa!

Rain, maybe your resolution could be "decide whether to go with 'achievable' or 'challenging.'" And I like your new profile picture! If I end up with a llama to keep the chickens company, it's your fault.

Lisa - I like your new profile picture too! That baby is darn cute. Looks like the truffles may be just what the doctor ordered. They are very healthy.

hazelblackberry said...

Happy new year.

I only ever resolve not to make resolutions. And then I generalyl break that one.