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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Even though it is not March yet, Chris took the air conditioner out of our window. So now I can check "warmth" and "shelter" off my list of basic human blogging needs. The not-very-well-insulated air conditioner was next to my desk and I was starting to type with mittens on.

So now I have warmth and shelter and some nice background music.

The background music is coming from Chris' part of the world, where he is working on some songs. He calls it "mixing." Not to be confused with shaking, stirring or emulsifying. I like the song he's working on. I like it enough to want to hear it all the way through. But that is not my lot, because Chris works on a verse and then works on the verse again before he works on the same verse, again. Ad infinitum.

Here's a little secret for you: If you like listening to music, don't be a sound engineer. I have always loved listening to music and if I had to do what Chris does I would go out of my mind. Chris doesn't listen to music. He listens to dynamic range, intermodulation distortion and, you know, Fletcher-Munson curves. Not that I don't, mind you. Me and those Fletcher-Munson curves, we're tight.

I don't know what Fletcher-Munson curves are. I just googled "sound engineering terms to use in after dinner chat with husband" and that's what I came up with. I think FMC's have something to do with that gym my sister's been going to. She says they use headphones while they're working out, so I bet I'm right.

Here's another little secret for you: If you're planning to marry a sound engineer, don't go giving away your stereo. When I was packing up my stuff to start my new life I figured there was No Way I would need the stereo I had in college. In fact, it would probably be an embarrassment to all the great equipment I was marrying into. So I gave it away. I think I took it to the swap shop at the dump.

And then I got here and there was no place to play a cd. Or tapes. Or records. There were no iPods yet, but there wouldn't have been that either. Trust me. At one point we had a portable cd player plugged into the sound board which was all just tickety boo until he'd change one of the 65,000 nobs and nothing would come out when I'd press Power On. Which is what I know how to do. I'm also handy with Play. I am not handy with a whole row of volume controls.

We have remedied this situation over the years and now have the ability to play both cd's and the Ambient Fire dvd we got for Christmas, which I recommend. The link makes it look all highbrow and stuff, but don't be discouraged. It's really all one could ever hope for in a video of a fireplace. Chris wants to get the director's cut.

So meanwhile, the resolutions are going smashingly. Smashingly in that the easiest and most trivial one - eat breakfast every day - went by the wayside first thing this morning. But I didn't blame anyone and I was very orderly about it, so all's well.


thefoodsnob said...

Hey, I JUST put my air conditioner away, (though it wasn't in the window) glad you can be warm now!
I'm with you, i-Pods are technical enough, with all the dragging and dropping of songs, what am I, a rocket scientist?


Lois B said...

Susan, I just love reading your blog! :-) Hugs, Lois

Susan said...

Lisa - For the record, we haven't put the air conditioner AWAY. It's still in the middle of our floor. And yes, you are a rocket scientist. Dragging and dropping requires physics.

Lois - knowing that you read the blog keeps me honest!