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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I got one of those Bluetooth thinglies. You know, the ones that make you look like an airplane that's about to land. I am having a love/hate relationship with my Bluetooth thingly.

First of all, it was bad enough walking around looking like I was talking to myself with the earbud, but if one looked carefully one would see the wire and then the phone (which I gesticulate with). Now I look like I'm talking to myself and I have flashing blue lights emitting from my head. That's the part I don't like.

I feel like when I answer it I should say "Starship Enterprise, please hold." That's the part I like.

I thought maybe it was frying my brain like an over-easy egg, but my friend Steve explained that it's all radio waves and not nuclear fallout bouncing around in there. He should know, because his father was working at MIT when they accidentally invented the microwave.

As the story goes, they were working on developing radar when someone walked past the beam with a chocolate bar in his pocket. Et voilĂ !

So the big question is, why didn't the microwave get a catchier name? Like Laurence? Because allegedly Bluetooth is named after some Danish king - who had nothing to do with either microwaves or radio signals. I shudder to think why the king would have been nicknamed "Bluetooth," but suspect 10th century dentistry wasn't covered by most insurance plans.

Back to what I don't like about it. I keep answering my phone, forgetting that I have Bluetooth enabled. And then I can't hear anything in my phone and I can't find the flashing blue ear thingly despite the fact that it is flashing! blue! and I have to yell "Marco" really loudly and listen carefully for a tiny voice to peep "Polo!" Which is unfortunate when it's a client calling.

Because I'm really, really professional.


JAbel said...

I just had to look that up.The Bluetooth in Danish is Blatand and though I don't have the Danisk puc. marks Bla is darkskinned and tan means great man.Harold united Denmark and Norway which I guess somehow relates to the uniting of technology.Speaking of Kings I am reading a book I would tell any lover of travel essays to read.It is called"A Time of Gifts" by Patrick Leigh Fermor.In 1933 Fermor dropped out of school in England and decided to walk from Holland to Constaninople.He's a wonderful writer and makes friends easily.He stays in castles and haylofts along the way and describes a good part ofold europe that was about to vanish forever.Today he made a deyour to Prague and he goes to St.Vitus's Cathedral where the relics of Saint Wenceslas are interred.Now I thought Wenceslas was British but he turns out to be a Bohemian duke murdered by his brother.pRague sounds wonderful.The second book of his journey is"Between the Woods and Water" The final and third book still is not out and though Fermor is still alive he has seen many many sunsets.He put the books together from journals and memory and the first book has a nice intro by Jan Morris and a beautiful cover painting by Peter Brueghel the Elder.

Susan said...

JAbel - those books sound marvelous! As for "somehow relates to the uniting of technology," I read about that too and just couldn't wrap my brain around how uniting Denmark & Norway was related to my phone's union with computerland. Furthermore, are Denmark and Norway united and if so why is it not called Doorway?

thefoodsnob said...

Since it became a law here I've slowly gotten used to it, though I didn't know the cool origin of the name, thanks!
Of course, I lost my bluetooth, so am now breaking the law when I drive and talk.