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Thursday, February 7, 2008

CRASH: A Tale of Two Species

Our friend's new film is going to be aired this Sunday on PBS at 8pm. Even if you don't think horseshoe crabs are the coolest thing EVER, it's worth a watch. Okay, I don't know that FOR SURE because I haven't seen it yet, but judging from the other films of hers I've seen, it's a good bet.

And how can you not think horseshoe crabs are the coolest thing ever?


Sturdy Girl said...

I have no idea. Crabs are the coolest. By far.

JAbel said...

They are beautiful ugly.I don't recall seeing that many on Cape Beaches but I know they are there.When we were kids we went to Cape Hatteras a few times and they were washed up all over the beach dead and alive.

Susan said...

Sturdy - speaking of which, I am glad to see you were not hauled off and eaten by horseshoe crabs. You were missed.

Jabel - There are heaps of them here, which is why I can't conceive of a declining population. No, they don't win any beauty pageants, but i think they are as close to dinosaurs as we get to see.

JAbel said...

A lot of folks must have watched Sunday night because my MSN start page has Horseshoe Crab as the number 2 search item today.