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Thursday, February 28, 2008


One of the nice things about blogging is knowing that if, perchance, I was chased up the driveway by a pack of rabid coyotes and was then stranded on the roof of my car surrounded by fangs and glowing eyes, someone out there would eventually notice my absence and maybe leave me a comment.

That is why it disturbs me so greatly when others stop writing or just up and vanish, like Lisa from Kentucky.

Everything okay, Lisa? No coyotes?


rain said...

Now I'm worried about Lisa from Kentucky - and I have no idea who that is.
If a coyote chased me here, you should really be worried. We have no coyotes on our island. Maybe Lisa should move here.

Susan said...

Rain - I worry about you and those giant bullfrogs. If you ever deleted your blog I'd be sure one got you. I'm not sure what they have in Kentucky. Racehorses?

peter said...

March 1 is becoming a very slow day on Cape Cod
Check out Amazing Rare Things in my librarian friend's journal


She is also speaking at SXSW

I am speaking on a panel at SXSW next weekend. My panel is called Social Network Coups: The Users Are Revolting. It’s amusing because the name of the libraryland book I co-edited has the word Revolting in the title too and yet has nothing to do with this. The panel is on Saturday at 5 pm at the same time as seventeen other SXSWi events. If you’re nearby, stop on in, but I’ll understand if you don’t.

Susan said...

Peter - You can perhaps understand my confusion as I have only known SXSW as a music festival. Thank goodness for google - I am now enlightened. Very cool you will be there.

I peek in on your friend's page from time to time, on your recommendation. I also read Jeffrey Bergeron's column in the Summit Daily news on your recommendation (and because it makes me feel right at long lost home). The quote on the front page of this week's Cape Codder reminded me of one of his columns. The quote was "I don't like filthy rich people any more than anyone else does, but they deserve due process." - Wellfleet Selectman Ira Wood.

peter said...

Susan- Jessamyn is speaking in my reply not I. I copyied her message verbatim, sorry for the confusion. I would also like to be at SXSW for the music.
She is probably the most diverse person I know of in terms of her knowledge base. Her dad is the main subject in "Soul of a NEW Machine" if you have not read it yet.