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Thursday, February 21, 2008

frozen piles of dirt and other life analogies

Oh this has not been an easy day.

The chickens are all in a twist because I didn't let them out to frolic this afternoon. I don't know what the big deal is - all the bugs are hibernating and the ground is too frozen for worms.

Do bugs hibernate?

Anyway, I spent some time thinking about my garden this afternoon. Heather cleared the dog poop out, but it still seems like an inhospitable pile of frozen twigs and dirt. It's hard to imagine that anything worthwhile will ever come out of it. It doesn't even look like something you'd want to work on, or plan to work on. Sometimes I try not to see it at all.

Thing is, even if I wanted to turn it into something lovely right now, I couldn't. I could buy plants and fertilize and put in those nitrate thingies. I could spend heaps of money and piles of time. Oh, and I could complain about it. I could, if I chose to, have a cry or a tantrum or a full on meltdown. I could spend the day in bed because my garden Will Not Cooperate and so why should I?

But it will not help.

I just have to be patient and know that things are doing the things they are doing. Even if I don't like what they are doing. And in the spring (even if "spring" is in March or July or November), things will be right where they are supposed to be. And I will act as if I knew it all along.

Sometimes gardens are people. Sometimes gardens are houses. Sometimes gardens are jobs. And sometimes gardens are just gardens.


thefoodsnob said...

My garden has been taken over by puppy, so I may not even have one this year. If her eating the roots of dead flowers is any indication, I may not have those, either!
It's hard to see all the seed catalogs and then look out the window, and it's not even March.


Susan said...

There will be snowdrops soon - if the puppy doesn't eat them!