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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Jell-O Gelatin Salad Selector

So the other day I was at my mom's house and I saw this book and said "hey mom, can I have this?" And she said of course I could have it and did I need any jell-o molds?

I told her I had all the molds I needed. I did not tell her I do not have a single mold and was mostly taking the book so that she would not make me eat anything out of it.

To be fair, I also wanted it for its design sense. It's been a long time since I owned a book with spinning pages. And I don't think I've ever owned a book with pictures quite like these. It will be kept on the coffee table.

Each page features a meat-related question, such as "are you making pork chops tonight?" And even though the answer for us is "no," how can one resist turning the little wheel to discover the Jell-O options that pair nicely with pork chops?

These salads have names like Banana Greens, Carrot Cheese Ring, Saucy Yogurt Salad and Hawaiian Harvest. Shown with the ham is Pineapple Lime Temptation.

Unfortunately, we have to skip these recipes since we don't eat much meat. We are, as our friend Jacob calls us, Flexitarians. In other words we tell people we are vegetarians if they look like they're about to make ham with a Carrot Cheese Ring. We tell my mother we are vegetarians.

We frequently eat fish, and would be especially intrigued if it were served with Cucumber Dill Slice (shown in the little window there on the right). Is there anything cucumber dill jell-o doesn't go with? It's like the little black dress of side-dishes. To be fair, Lemon Crisp Salad, with its scallions and celery is equally tempting.

On the hamburger page is a recipe for Tomato Aspic. My mother made tomato aspic once when I brought Chris over before we were married. It is made with lemon gelatin, tomato juice, horseradish and onion. He married me anyway.

Just across from the hamburgers is a Longhorn Salad. Doesn't that corn and scallion mixture look delicious suspended in lemon gelatin? Don't forget the steak sauce. It's not Longhorn Salad without it.

I have to say, I've never been much of one for steak. I think maybe because it always looked just like the steak in the picture. It's unfortunate, because that's the page with the most intriguing recipes, including Asparagus Castle, French Bean Basket and Ranch Relish Salad . Would Asparagus Castle go with something like, say, Pad Thai?

Now if you are having Jell-O recipe book envy, don't fret or stew (stewed tomatoes are divine in strawberry gelatin, btw), because they are still available out there on the internets. I just googled it so it must be so. And if you really want one of the recipes but don't want to buy the book (it's almost $5), feel free to email my mother.

Bon appetit.


JAbel said...

The cover alone is worth it.All those colors look like an LSD trip.I was recently given some small old paperback cookbooks .There is a Prince Macaroni one from the 50's that's a hoot but the prize is a Pillsbury's 5th baking contest book from 1954.One of the junior recipe winners a lass from Chicago is called"Blueberry Boy_Bait" Alas it's a coffee cake with no jello involved.But it makes me wonder if in 1954 Chic you invited a boy over for Coffee Cake surley coffee was involved also. 'How did we meet?.Well kids your mother invited me over for BlueBerry Boy Bait a cup of Sanka and three months later we were marching down the aisle"

J said...

That's fabulous. I'm jealous.

hazelblackberry said...

I like all the different colours. If you don't drink, you can still match something to your meal.

Sturdy Girl said...

I would decorate a whole room around that book. It's truly an "inspiration piece."

thefoodsnob said...

Oh, gag, I'm so glad it ended up being as I thought, I admit I was a little frightened when I saw the picture!
We are flexitarians (or selectarians) too. Only fish or sometimes chicken for me, the husband and daughter eat about any meat, but they have to get it on the outside.
Great bit of kitsch though, for your coffee table, and it will make visitors really think about you after!


JAbel said...

By the way there is a Jell-O museum and gallery in Le Roy N.Y.

JAbel said...


Susan said...

jabel - 1) is that what the "chemicals" in your profile refers to? 2) thanks for the link! I think I'll order some things from the gift shop to complete the look.

J - Perhaps when I'm done with it I'll pass it along.

Hazelblackberry - yes yes! Except what kind of meal matches Green Maraschino Fizz?

Sturdy - I'm sorry I didn't find this before you redid your bathroom. It could have been Just The Thing.

Lisa - I should have warned you.

JAbel said...

Susan,I didn't think anyone read those profiles! That was an inside joke for a blog I started last year for some old highschoolbuddies.No one liked the format for chatting so I moved it to a Yahoo group.It's still out there in blogsville though I haven't put anything there in months.

Anonymous said...


LOVE steak, but would NEVER eat Jello with it... Especially with corn in it! YUCK

Greg said...

Leaving this book around for guests to see really makes what you DO serve them SHINE, as they sigh with relief at what you are NOT serving them. Bravo.