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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Larry Groce

Remember when you were eight years old you sometimes thought the person on the radio was singing right to you? And if you heard him a lot, especially if you listened to him as you were falling asleep, you became so convinced he was singing to you that you developed a bit of a crush?

What a coincidence, it happened to me too. And that's why I made my husband tell Larry Groce, the host of Mountain Stage, that I had a crush on him when I was eight.

My husband is a very good sport and did in fact report this to Larry. I don't know how Larry took it but I imagine he gets this sort of news all the time. I can't have been the only pre-teen who had a crush on him, although no third grader with a shred of self respect was admitting it at the time. It's not easy having a thing for a folksinger when all your friends are thumb-tacking Scott Baio posters to their ceilings.

I thought about making Chris a "My Wife Loves Larry Groce" t-shirt for when he was there, but I was afraid he'd wear it during the Bob Edwards Weekend interview.

Imagine, all these years later I am one degree of separation from the person who made me swoon as a child. In fact, I was one degree of separation even before this latest tour thing. A year or so ago a friend mentioned very casually that he played with Larry on several projects. They were like Simon and Garfunkel, Seals and Crofts, Tony Orlando and Dawn. Except that my friend's name didn't end up on the front cover. It's probably better that way, what with the rampant pre-teen crushes and all.

And speaking of NPR and teen idols (because we are, you know), did you catch Robby Benson on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me"? I didn't have a crush on him back when I was supposed to (because, you know, I was hung up on folksingers for heaven's sakes), but I might have to have a crush on him now. Now that he is a quasi-dairy farmer in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

That almost makes him a folksinger, right? Maybe Larry will invite him to Mountain Stage.


Ambley said...

Wow - I haven't heard that name in YEARS, and I doubt I could've remembered it. I have it in my mind that I heard him play at some regional A/U gatherings in high school - is that even possible?

Hey - don't feel bad; I had a preteen crush on Barry Manilow. I'm sure that's more embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Larry Groce, what fun memories you bring back. He use to work at the Cedars Camp with my husband. Great Guy, great music!

Susan said...

Ambley & Anonymous - I'm glad to have led you both down memory lane! But Ambley, Barry Manilow? I have no words.