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Monday, February 4, 2008

one less thing to worry about

That was So. Freaking. Close.

If there is a blogging equivalent of not being kissed before your 16th birthday, it is not being tagged for a meme before your first blogiversary (I hate that word). I will celebrate One Year of Neglecting My Family on February 26th and up until 8:02 this morning, I had not been tagged.

Thank you, thank you Lisa at Borrowed Heaven. Saints be praised.

Here are the rules:
  • Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  • Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. Share the five top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list.
  • Tag a minimum of five random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog.
Sadly, there is nothing about "send a dollar to the first person on the list...." I could use a dollar.

And you could use a little more random/useless information about me! So here we go.

1) When we graduated from high school, my friend Amy and I celebrated by unicycling almost the whole way over Vail pass and back. I do not know why, or how.
2) A picture of me was printed prominently on a flyer promoting a time-share ski condo, for which I was handsomely paid in shrimp at the opening reception.
3) I was a mouse in the Denver production of the Nutcracker when I was in 3rd grade. I was the one who got dizzy and fell down (no really, they wanted me to).
4) I have been a Sunday School teacher, despite my reputation as being Completely Godless.
5) My favorite iPod playlist includes the complete Shostakovitch string quartets, a heavy dose of Orbital and a whole bunch of stuff in between. I like it best on shuffle.

And I want to see
1) Barcelona, although I've had a thing for Madrid ever since "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown."
2) Australia. Yes, I know it's big. No, I can't narrow it down. I had a friend from Perth in high school and she made it sound totally dreamy - so maybe Perth.
3) Dubrovnik. Never been. Started learning Serbo-Croat once and saved about $10 toward my trip. Got distracted by something shiny (and forgot about the cute Croatian boy but not the descriptions of a marble-paved city).
4) Bali. We were going to have an extended honeymoon there the winter after we got married. Decided not to go when we realized I would be morning sick for most of it.
5) Old Montreal. I will probably just sit in caf├ęs.

And now the hard part. I'm picking some fellow newbies so they can stop fretting about the possibility of not getting tagged:
Liz at North Orchard
Aidee at This is Where I Come In (new year, new blog, new tag!)

Most of the people I know are all jaded about these things and will dope slap me if I tag them. If you promise not to dope slap me and you'd like to be linked, by all means say so. Sturdy? Rain? Any number of Lisas?


Lisa said...

It was my first meme too! What a relief...now when I'm feeling all down and worthless, I can just think, "Well, there was that one time I got tagged for a meme..."

JAbel said...

Old Montreal and all of Montreal is beautiful.For a few years when I was in University in Boston My older brother would fly home from Calif. and we would all meet in Burlington at another brothers school and drive to Montreal for a Canadiens hockey game at the old Montreal Forum.We'd stay at the now gone Sheraton Montreal which had a Kon-Tiki room of all things sitting there with Fog Cutters and pu-pu platters in the heart of a Montreal Winter.The night after the game we would drive back to vermont then Rochester,N.Y. for X-Mas but not before visiting the folks I worked for at Babes Restaurant after which we would cross the street to a package store and buy like 8 cases of different Molson beer and ales to take back to Rochester with us.The attempt to cross the border hiding the cases(We always had my dads big ford wagon) was always fun and only once in 4 tries did we have to pay a duty.

Ranzige Bunzing said...

On the ´want to see´:
Barcelona, yes, go there, nice town, relax.
Perth, well, you can meet up with Aidee, you know? And if you´re in Australia anyway, just drop by on the dustfarm. Humpy loves to meet new people. Western Australia is definitly my favourite part.
Dubrovnik, doberdan kako ste, Serbo-Croatian isn´t that difficult. And the old town is nice, completly restored after the war. The whole Croatian coast is great for travelling.
Bali, yes, had a conference there recently, nice people, nice beaches, nice drinks. A lot of Aussies though.
Montreal, pardon my French, nope, never been there, did see a lot of Eastern and Northern Canada though and if that measures up with Montreal you should be okay.

Fred said...

Did I ever tell you aboot the time I almost got arrested in Montreal?

I was part of a foursome of high school & college friends who decided to spend a week or so up in Montreal, just for the fun of it. We took the Amtrak train up there and were planning on staying at the youth hostel. Well, the hostel was full the night we got there - there was an annex to the hostel, but it was a long walk or cab ride away, and a friend of our had told us she had slept one night in the park when she visited Montreal, so we headed up into the park, found a spot, and rolled out our sleeping bags ... until about 2 or 3 in the morning, when we were awoken by a police siren ... oops!

OK ... we didn't really almost get arrested ... they just sent us out of the park and off to the youth hostel annex, which still had beds available ... but it was kinda scary.

FYI: I don't recommend sleeping in the park in Montreal, but it is a fun place to visit.

Susan said...

Lisa - thanks again! Yes, it's something to fall back on in dark days.

jabel - Burlington is on my permanent "places to visit" list. We have talked about Montreal for ages. Some day, some day. Maybe sometime we'll go to Burlington and keep driving.

Ranz - oh I'd love to visit the dustfarm! I could be one of those tourists you were preparing for a bit ago.

Fred - When we did the background check on you the Montreal thing came up.