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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Patty Larkin


Oh great, you looked. Yes, I'm a little behind on dishes. It's not my fault. You see my dishwasher has, well... my dishwasher is, um... my dishwasher was, let's see... out of town. Yes of course that's right, my dishwasher's been out of town. In fact, my dishwasher's been away all week and not only that but my dishwasher's been on tour with Patty Larkin. Really, if you think about it, that explains everything.

Except that I don't actually have a dishwasher. At least, not a mechanical one. Chris does all the dishes. I plan the meals, trash the kitchen and feed the family while he follows me around and cleans up. It works for us. Or I should say, it works for us when he is not on tour with Patty Larkin. Which he has been. For the past week. And boy is the house a mess.

In the event that a) you don't know who she is and b) you didn't click on the link, here's my favorite part of her bio:
Her songs have been covered by artists ranging from modern-day chanteuse Holly Cole to pop-diva icon Cher. Her own renditions have been heard in movies ranging from Ivan Reitman's Evolution (DreamWorks) starring Julianne Moore and David Duchovny to the Sydney Pollack directed Random Hearts (Columbia Pictures), starring Harrison Ford and Kristen Scott Thomas which used Larkin's "Good Thing" as end title. She has received multiple awards, an honorary doctorate from Berklee College of Music and even been accorded her own "day" ("Patty Larkin Day") by the city of Boston.
Seriously, how cool is that? And how psyched was Chris? When he was approached about going he was very, very honored. Okay let's be frank: he squealed like a school girl. He was so honored, in fact, that he made an effort and packed clean clothes. Alright yes, I packed clean clothes for him. And for the record, I did not pack them in bundles with garanimals tags showing him what goes with what. So once he left the house, I cannot be held accountable for the way he looked.

And now he is home and it looks like all the clothes were worn, which is a good sign. He's settling back in to life without room service and is full of stories from the road.

I was especially interested to hear about a couple of the venues Patty was playing. On Saturday they were at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia. Wolf Trap is a National Park for the Performing Arts and is run jointly by the Wolf Trap Foundation and the National Park Service. You know I have a crush on the National Park Service. Chris loved Wolf Trap and couldn't stop raving about it. Nor could he wait to show me his pictures.

Here's the front elevation:

And here's an architectural detail:

Needless to say, we will be needing to go on vacation soon so I can see what these places look like for myself - not that the blurry backgrounds behind the soundboards aren't enough to give one a feel for the place. Also, I've been wanting to go to Charlottesville, VA and am tickled pink to possibly have an in at Mountain Stage in West Virginia. More about Mountain Stage in a future post.

When Lucy went to bed last night, she popped back up and said "it'll take some work, but I think we should make the house EVEN NICER than those hotels for when daddy comes home." And although I am wildly jealous of the places he stayed, I don't think it will be hard to achieve Lucy's goal. Even with the gigantic pile of dishes.

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Lisa said...

What a sweet comment by Lucy! I'm sure Chris is so happy to be home, no matter how great it was to be on the road.

When you make it to Charlottesville, be sure to go to Monticello - it's incredible. Just make sure the weather is nice - the grounds and gardens are stunning!