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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tappity tap tap

Just a quick note about how I nearly became the laughing stock of the dance community. And how I saved the local economy. And things like that.

So. I signed Lucy up for a tap dancing class. "Are you mad?!?!" you ask. Obviously yes, I am. I will have a 5 year old tap dancing around the house and it is self-inflicted. I wasn't going to do it because a) I'm not sure I can stand the tapping and b) I didn't want to buy her tap dancing shoes just so she can wear them a few times before I shout "stop that infernal shuffle step, shuffle ball change!" and throw them out a window.

Then someone gave me tap shoes in her size, and what was I to do? They were perfect in every way. They just needed laces. So I signed her up for a class and then went right to the dance wear store for some laces. They were closed. So I went to my local fabric store (very local, very small fabric store), figuring I'd get some black ribbon to hold the shoes together for the time being.

We walk in and immediately a woman asks if we need help finding anything. Lucy holds up her shoes and the woman, grasping the urgency, says "you need ribbon!" She takes us over to the ribbon display while chatting on about the merits of grosgrain vs. velvet. She ties a bow, measures it, doubles it, cuts it and charges us 83 cents. She asks Lucy to tap her shoes together so she can hear what they sound like. Lucy nearly passes out in euphoric shock.

I am pretty sure they would have charged me $8.50 for the same thing at the dance store. And then talked smack about me. Because WHO thinks you need official Capezio laces for tap shoes? Me.


brandnewbells said...

83 cents. not bad. maybe someone needs to send a donation of 83 cents times fine fine call it multiplied by if you must 83 cents times how many ? so other people can save whatever 8.50 minus .83 minus .83 after a wait a minute donation we dont need no oh wait maybe we do so hopefully we never forget where we came from come from. art. in some for or another. sure it should be supported.

Susan said...

brandnewbells - Hey, we could put art back in the public schools with the savings on tap laces ALONE!