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Sunday, February 3, 2008

things to do in February (when there's nothing to do)

Face the corner, first position, present the arms.

It all came rushing back, those dance classes of years ago. I was just sure muscle memory would kick in, and sure enough, as I faced the corner and followed instructions it felt just like old times.

And then it all fell apart. Soutenu? Glissade? Piqué? Oh dear.

The rest of the class was more reminiscent of Fantasia than Turning Point. And not necessarily the Dance of the Hours (with the dancing ostriches). Maybe more like Rite of Spring (with Tyrannosaurus Rex).

But oh was it fun. It was partly great because I've thought about doing it for so long and I am THE QUEEN of thinking about doing things and not doing them.

And it's partly great because I have New Shoes! And now I get to find things like those sweet little wrap sweaters. New class = new opportunity to buy stuff.

I was afraid my shoes were the wrong size because my feet cramped up about 15 minutes into the class. Turns out, I was just scared and trying to hold onto the floor with my toes. It's my lemur ancestry.

The other great thing is that we had a parent meet-and-greet party last night and I had lots of people to chat with about my latest success as a floundering dancer. I also talked to Lucy's art teacher about Lucy's burgeoning fashion sense. I think there are some people who envy a 5 year old's ability to mix patterns and stripes with confidence. The art teacher and I are two of these people.

I may start a Today in Lucy category, with her fashion picks of the moment. Today she chose polka dot leggings, a pink patterned turtleneck, a denim jumper (outgrown and now a tunic) and heart socks. She's a vision.

But not as much of a vision as me in dance class. Now THAT'S a sight.


rain said...

We have a local clown here named Auntie Bobbie - she wears frilly skirts, stiped leggings and polka dotted shirts and big bows in her hair. On some days my 6 year old looks like Auntie Bobbie. Other days now she looks like Hannah Montana (grade one has done this to her)- I like Auntie Bobbie better.

Lisa said...

Those little wrap sweaters always look so cozy! Maybe you can find one in a Lucy-like combo of patterns!

I tagged you for a meme over on my blog if you'd like to play.

Ambley said...

oh, i'm just SO excited for you! when i was 27 (which now isn't yesterday) i went back and took ballet lessons after 17 years. i loved, loved, LOVED it! even when my muscles remembered, my limbs didn't react in the same way they used to, but it was just wonderful to BE there. to have the piano playing the same types of tunes and flit around the room.

there were two things that really made it worthwhile for me, though. first, i had lots of flashes of being 5 years old. anytime you can flash back to an actual second of five-year-oldness is wonderful, isn't it? mmmmmm. second, i would have split seconds of being graceful (a piroutte right on center or holding a scale just a little extra because center is whole). if i had one such moment in a class, the whole class was wonderful to me.

danced again for several years, and then quit in my early 30s. my teacher took a friend and me to buy pointe shoes! she said if we worked really hard she would give us little pointe lessons at the end of class. when i had quit as a kid, i was too young for pointe (ten), so this was a dream come true!

i'm definitely putting that on my list of things to do (again). just thinking about it makes me happy!

Susan said...

Rain - Lucy would think Auntie Bobbie was totally dreamy. She doesn't know who Hannah Montana is yet, but she knows girls who dress like her so it's just degrees of separation. The clock is ticking.

Lisa - because I would look so completely smashing in a Lucy-patterned wrap sweater. And yes! yes! I do want to play!

Ambley - I remember you talking about those ballet classes in your Ambley Annual Gazette. I do miss the Ambley Annual Gazette. But now you have the blog! (and there was rejoicing)

Ambley said...

hmmm. didn't know anyone had found the blog. thought i was still writing undercover until i got the hang of it! that's okay, though - if someone's going to read it, you're a good choice. :)

Anonymous said...

When I was a lil girl I dreamed of being a dancer... :o)

Came across your blog while blog hopping, and have enjoyed reading through your posts very much!