‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hospital food

I took a friend to the emergency room at Cape Cod Hospital last night. No, it had nothing to do with my cooking.

We get out of the car and she's all "must get inside....."
And I'm all "look! A SHELL!"

Seriously, how many places can you find an intact mussel shell in a hospital parking lot?

Friend is fine, by the way.


thefoodsnob said...

I'm glad your friend is ok.
It never stops to amaze me when I'm there how the ocean and beach just intertwine with the rest of life and it's just natural.


Susan said...

Lisa - yes, exactly! When I first moved back here I couldn't take my eyes off the sand at the side of the road. Sand!

rain said...

Nice shell - different shape than pacific mussels. Mmm mussels. I'm not a native coaster either and even though I've lived here 20 years, things like seagulls outside the mall and smelling the the tide going out from my office window amaze me. Glad the trip to emerg was successful.