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Saturday, March 1, 2008


The snowdrops are up! Birds are starting to sing and not just in a metaphorical "the darkest hour is before the dawn" sense. Literal birds are starting to literally sing, which is annoying when you are trying to sleep.

So Chris is off with Patty again, just for a day trip this time. Nevertheless, Chris will be sitting in a car with a famous person for a few hours today which means it's almost like I'm sitting in a car with a famous person and so I asked him to ask her some important questions about her fame. Specifically, has she ever played in Athens, GA, and if so, has she eaten at The Grit?

It is abundantly obvious that I should be writing for music magazines because I have piles of insider information and I ask those interview questions that everyone really wants to know about. I would also maybe ask her where she got her coat.

It's only a recent development, this wanting to write for music magazines thing. For years I thought I should be writing for art magazines. I know plenty of artists, some of which are in museums. Or should be in museums. Or went to a museum once on a school field trip.

Just last night, for instance, I discovered I know a famous artist. Nancy Craig had mentioned she was having a show at Provincetown Art Association Museum, and I decided it would be a nice gesture to show up and support her. I was also curious about what kind of painting she did. That's the thing with artists one knows. Sometimes the artwork's completely mind-boggling. Sometimes it's a train wreck.

So I went to the opening, saw Nancy, and had absolutely no idea what to say to her. Because one can't say "wow, this is so not a train wreck." A mutual friend was standing with me as I searched for words and she spoke with great feeling about one of the portraits and the lyrical qualities of the troubadouristic evolution in luminous romantic captitalism or some such something. I don't know what she said as she lost me at "lyrical."

You would think that knowing artists translates into knowing about art. Or sounding like I know about art. It does not.

Which brings me to a little tidbit about my writing style. I have often been told that my writing sounds just like how I talk. I am told this almost as often as I am told that I look like Rachel Griffiths. I have never been told my writing sounds like Rachel Griffiths.

So back to writing about art. I like art, I like artists, I like art magazines. Art magazines are full of big words and footnotes. I have absolutely no idea how people write like that. You see, the problem with my writing voice sounding so much like my regular voice is that neither of them sound very smart.

Therefore, instead of writing for art and music magazines, I devote myself to the blog. Is there any higher calling?

I will try to find out for you where Patty Larkin got her coat.


Bella said...

Pish Posh, you don't sound smart because you are brilliant which is a whole lot more than smart. And I happened to know you did well in art history, I was there. If you want to sound smart just wear glasses more often....

Susan said...

Bella - I can't find my glasses. And weren't we asleep in art history?

thefoodsnob said...

I think you SHOULD devote yourself to blog writing (I LIKE the way you write!)


Anonymous said...

And have you ever heard the song that goes something like that's right
the women are......fill in the blank. The verse ends with the word smarter if you have never heard the song.

Camille Claudel. Is a name.