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Friday, March 14, 2008

professional as always

This morning as I watched a car pull up the driveway at 8:30 I said the phrase which has become my mantra lately: "oops, oh well."

I tightened my bathrobe around my pajamas and went down to meet my boss and give him the printers I had picked up for him yesterday. 8:30 didn't seem like that early when we talked about it last night. And I had been up for hours - I just forgot to get dressed. Fortunately my job description does not include "must at least get dressed when working from home."

Today is the first real spring day we've had. I just went to get a fistful of dirt from the garden and realized that I did not freeze when I walked outside. I needed a fistful of dirt because when I transplanted the parsley out of my garden last week I hadn't done (surprise!) a very good job and noticed that the dirt sort of fell away from the plant when I watered it. I think plants, even hardy ones that make it through the winter in an otherwise deceased garden, like to have dirt around their roots. It's a privacy thing.

I transplanted it as a rescue mission since soon, soon, soon the chickens will be transplanted into the garden so they can eat all the bugs and scratch up the dirt so I don't have to. By that I mean I don't have to rake up the dirt, not eat the bugs.

After patting the dirt into my parsley pot, I took a cup of tea outside and sat in the sun on the porch listening to the cacophony of bird calls. Boy are they chatty. Is it my imagination or do woodpeckers do a call and response thing with their tapping? There were two woodpeckers pecking away - first one, then the other. Their trees were tuned differently, so one bird hit the high notes while the other worked the lower range. Together they sounded like someone snoring very, very loudly.

Oh I love spring. I love the way the sun feels when it's just getting strong enough to warm you even though there's still a chill in the air. It makes me want to curl up like a cat in a bright spot.

I do not love that we may have snow on Sunday.


rain said...

I always wonder if the birds are louder in the spring, or if I just notice them more. Wish I could come and have a cup of tea on your step, but not when it snows. But you would have to make me coffee. And a scrambled green egg.

Susan said...

Rain - I think we may hear the birds more when we take off our earmuffs. And I will make you coffee anytime! And a scrambled green egg.

No ham. I draw the line.

JAbel said...

I think Birds do make more noise in the spring because it's mating season.Once they get a mate there isn't much to say or sing about(ducks for cover).I have a pot of Italian Parsley I ignored all winter because it was going to seed.Then a few weeks ago after several days of rain it was full of leaves again but now it looks pretty much spent again.I usually get about 5 months out a parsley plant in a pot.

thefoodsnob said...

THAT is the the problem with March, a nice day as a teaser and then snow the next!