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Saturday, April 5, 2008

chirps and peeps

Someone, somewhere in our neighborhood just alarmed their car. I can't tell you how funny that is. It would be like watching the Amish farmer alarm his cart - or hearing that little chirp in the opening credits of the Andy Griffith Show. Yes, I live in Mayberry.

And in other chirping news: while I haven't heard them here at the house yet, I passed a pod of peepers on my way home the other evening and they were peeping their little hearts out. I'm not sure I've ever seen one, unless that's what I was forever trying not to step on at my first cottage in Eastham. Tiny frogs hopping every which way, like a bag of marbles dropped on a tile floor.

Here's the article that goes with that picture (Peepers' Song: A Sure Sign of Spring, by Rich Eldred in the Cape Codder).


rain said...

Our giant bullfrogs would make a those peepers a snack!

rain said...

I mean they would eat them, not make them a plate of nachos...

Susan said...

Rain - darn, the peepers were looking forward to nachos.

jenrebecc said...

can i sit in your yard and listen? it's one of those sure things in my life that always brings me pure happiness, the sound of peepers (not car alarms)

maybe i can camp in the back of my truck in your driveway!

maybe i should put a peeper pool in the meadow at 'the estate'