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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earth Day

Here are some things not to do at an Earth Day celebration:

Drive 30+ miles to get to said celebration.
Discard a plastic container in a non-designated trash can.
Lie when you sign a pledge with Cape Light Compact.


In my defense, I was also visiting family. Because maybe a SEVENTY MILE ROUND TRIP DRIVE is not the best way to commemorate earth day. Just a thought.

As for throwing away plastic instead of searching for a recycle bin, at least I didn't throw it in a stream. Not only were there no streams handy, but I would have been overtaken by an angry mob. Earth Day revelers are not to be trifled with, oh no they are not. Pacifists they may be, but they will take you down. Furthermore, I know the trash gets sorted, but I am not sure they'd check the stream.

And finally, I didn't mean to lie. The pledge I signed said I would replace a conventional lightbulb with the fluorescent light bulb they gave me, and not just use my new lightbulb as a base for a neato paper maché project. But I can't find any conventional lightbulbs in any of the lights that would take a fluorescent. Fortunately for my pledge, I am notoriously bad at follow through on paper maché projects and will probably just use the new bulb to replace one of our old fluorescents, should they ever burn out.

All of the above travesties took place at a better-late-than-never Earth Day celebration at Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich - a place whose very existence makes you want to take better care of the planet. We spent the whole day there, listening to music, painting rocks, picnicking and learning to make our own household cleaners. Did you know that half a cup of vinegar, dumped in during the final rinse, makes a terrific fabric softener? We also fed a horseshoe crab bits of tuna and watched it eat. Weird, that.

We went inside the windmill and had a lesson on how it worked. And Lucy made a wind gauge out of a photocopied protractor, a ball of brown paper and a piece of string. Her father is so proud.

On the way out people were using sidewalk chalk to write their promises on the road. Lucy wanted to write, so I wracked my brain trying to think of something we could actually do. Righting the wrongs detailed above seemed like cheating, and I wanted something she could finish writing before it got dark. So we picked "turn out lights." And then she drew hearts all over the road.

Happy Earth Day, Earth.


Note: we drive an econobox, recycle at home and have had a Cape Light Compact energy audit. Please don't come after me with torches and pitchforks.


JAbel said...

I guess half a cup of Vinegar isn't much but one would think the clothes aren't going to smell like a spring day.I wish they made a fabric softener that smelled like a new book.I'm always sniffing my books. A bit of Vinegar is good for poaching eggs.I just drop the eggs into the boiling/simmering water/splash of Vinegar.I sort of have a thing against the neat little round ones done in the metal cup in Restaurants.I always hope my poached eggs will spread out in all different shapes when I let them loose.

Sturdy Girl said...

Did you happen to notice what kind of cars these Earthies were driving? Because it seems that everyone is green these days yet the large SUV's outnumber compact cars in any parking lot 2-1. I mean, really.

Susan said...

jabel - I hadn't thought about the fact that my family would smell like a jar of pickles. And I do that with poached eggs too!

sturdy girl - I didn't notice because I'm spectacularly self-absorbed. But someone who worked for Masspirg reports that people with SUVs in their driveways often write checks. She thinks it's a guilt thing. Gas hit $4 a gallon on Nantucket, so people will probably start lopping off pieces of their cars with blow torches soon.

thefoodsnob said...

I love the Heritage Museum, it's beautiful outside at Christmas (wait a minute, they had TONS of lights outside then, and now they're doing Earth Day?! )


Susan said...

Lisa - oh my goodness. I was with the friend I go to Heritage with (both Christmas Light thingy and Earth Day) when your comment appeared. I read it aloud and we both gaped at each other for a second and then fell on the floor giggling. Seriously, that's ridiculous. I wish I had thought of it. Maybe lights were lit with energy derived from compost piles?