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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sandwich, no pun intended

Yesterday I took a drive to Sandwich. After all, who can resist a town called Sandwich?

Before I did any real sightseeing I needed a couple new books - one to listen to in the car and another for the couch - so I hit the Sandwich library. I picked out The Red Tent (book) and The World is Flat (cd) and headed to the circulation desk. I happened to have a large fistful of cash ready, since I am a repeat offender and owe a pile of fines. With my free hand I dug out my CLAMS library card (Cape Library Automated Materials Sharing - clams. Clever). Imagine my surprise when the librarian said they don't take the CLAMS card in Sandwich. I mean, yes it's far from my bit of the Cape, but it is on this side of the bridge so what's the problem? I am suddenly desperate to read/listen to these two books. I may have made a gesture that implied "well that may be, but you're not getting these books back."

And then she said, "we're not part of CLAMS (I just like typing that), but you can get a card here if you'd like." Just like that? I don't have to show my car title or anything? I can't believe my good fortune. So I give her my license and she gives me a card. And my books. And I get to keep my fistful of cash because she has absolutely no record of my shameful behavior.

All this made me very hungry, so I set off to find lunch. I went across the street and down a bit to The Brown Jug, which I've been meaning to explore for ages.

The Brown Jug is a gourmet market which also has ready-made sandwiches and homemade soups. When I picked out my sandwich a very nice woman said "here, let me take that for you," as if it were a brightly flowered sundress I wanted to try on, and disappeared into the other room. So I looked around at all the gourmet goodies, made several mental notes, helped myself to a cup of coffee, parted with my fist of cash, and went in search of my sandwich.

She had cut it in half, still in the paper, and set it on a paper plate at a sunny table (now don't start freaking out about my pesto chicken wrap being in the sun - I ate it before anything bad happened). I sat in my little spot of sun, reading my new book and eating my lunch. Oh, and feeling a little guilty because I am so very fond of Paul's Bean and Bagel down the street. I was having an affair with another lunch spot.

I'd say it won't happen again, but while I was there I noticed a couple sitting outside on a little terrace and believe you me, when it gets a little warmer I will be one of those people. There is practically nothing better than outdoor seating - especially when the weather has just started acting hospitable.

So now I am the proud owner of a Sandwich Library Card (I am weirdly and inexplicably excited about this. It's like having duel citizenship). And I have a new place to buy silly pantry items because they came from France.

Really, who has time for things like the Sandwich Glass Museum, Heritage Gardens or the boardwalk when there's a library card to be issued?


thefoodsnob said...

I LOVE the Brown Jug, I hope to go there when the kids have spring break. My parents live in Sandwich and I often walk there when I need an escape!

Susan said...

Lisa - your parents live where you can walk to the Brown Jug? Dreamy.

Liz said...

What other raison d'etre could there be besides good food and a library card? I mean really.
PS: Can I come too?