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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In my college philosophy course I vaguely remember the notion that we are just pure consciousness and we ourselves create everything we see, feel and experience. I have absolutely no idea who came up with this. Maybe the "I think therefore I am" dude? I took that course in the spring and we frequently had class outside. I'm pretty sure I was napping in the grass most of the time and although I don't know a Burke from a Descartes I can still feel that spring sun on my back. There is just nothing like that first day when you lie in the grass and soak up the sun like a happy snake.

Where was I?

Right. So I think if the pure consciousness thing is valid then I'm just not all that creative. Or I'm lazy. Because I find the same things repeating. For instance, I set off to college to study audio engineering and then a very long time later I married a sound engineer despite the fact that once I got to college I totally lost interest in doing much more than experimenting with questionable fashion statements. When it comes right down to it, I can't be bothered to make new stuff up. This is also why Chris gets to meet all the famous people I like - my pure consciousness can't think of new famous people for him to meet.

Furthermore, a few posts ago I wrote about eating frogs legs at a friend's house and then my great niece was born on that friend's birthday. I have two friends from elementary school - Pizazz and Cowgirl - whose birthdays and phone numbers I cannot forget, despite the fact that I need to apply simple math to recall my own anniversary. So I emailed Pizazz to wish her a happy birthday and then I went on a bit about her camper.

Through most of our public school years I went on camping trips with her family in their camper. They had the kind that fit onto the back of a pickup truck. We'd lie on the bed over the cab and look out the window above her parents' heads. It was a little claustrophobic up there, but still really cool. I was thinking about her camper because as I was walking through town that day, making a mental note to email a birthday greeting, I ran into another friend who completely out of the blue started talking about campers.

Pizazz and I were friends from fifth grade through graduation. We grew apart for a while - we were so different, there was just hardly anything to talk about. I moved to Europe and she was all Little House on the Prairie. I think she might have had chickens. Now when we talk there's a lot of nodding. We are back to having very similar experiences. I have chickens, her daughter studies violin.

Some people call this synchronicity. In my case I think it's just laziness. It's also luck, because what I didn't include in my version of this created reality was her response:

I also remember throwing up all over Cowgirl one time while riding down a bumpy rode in the back. I went through a period where I threw up on her on a regular basis. Strange that I haven't heard from her since high school....
It's good to be in the right place at the right time.

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