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Monday, May 26, 2008


So there I am, right up front at the Cracker show and I am so distracted I cannot hear a single word. I am trying to wrap my brain around the possibility that while I was listening to the opening band, Lucy was sneaking out of bed, climbing out the bathroom window, hitching a ride to the club and DRESSING DAVID LOWERY. It is the only explanation for someone to be wearing a plaid tie with a checked shirt and a floral embroidered suede jacket.

Eventually I got over it and could concentrate on other things like the fact that the words I love are coming out of someone's mouth, and also what a beautiful guitar Johnny Hickman is playing (I noticed his guitar despite the fact that he's ridiculously charming on stage and makes one want to just gaze at him and say things like "oh, Johnny, you're sooooo dreamy").

I also noticed the bass player's tuning pegs (he would not hold still so I could get a photo) , and the drummer's hat. The hat was from the 40 watt, and if I had stuck around long enough to make a dork of myself fawning over their songwriting genius, I would have asked about the 40 watt, specifically if he's ever eaten at the Grit - because all signs seem to point to the Grit and I want to talk to someone who's eaten there before I break it to the kids that we're not going to Disney World this year either since mommy has to go eat at some restaurant in Athens, GA.

Now back to this dressing David Lowery thing. I have only been privy to female musicians deciding what to wear for shows, but I imagine men put some thought into it too, yes? I mean, they can't just go on tour and pull things out of their luggage/off their floor willy-nilly, right? Do they all go shopping together and say things like "I think it's a little too matchy, try the plaid one"?

I would have asked Chris these things but early on in the show I left the club, climbed back in a window, scaled the rafters and dropped to the floor just in front of the bass player - essentially ditching Chris back by the bar. I even tried texting him ("buy new cd, please"), but wouldn't you know there's no digital signal way out there in the dunes. Ironic how as a teenager I dreamed of being the girl up front/in the band room/ hanging out with musicians and now that I am that girl it is only by the grace of being married to Chris. Fortunately I didn't want to marry them, I just wanted a better view into their songwriting heads (I also like being where my feet go numb from the vibration of the floor).

I would have stuck around to adulate, except I had to leave during the last encore so I could make sure Lucy had made it home alright. Mothers of fashion consultants can't stay out all night, you know.

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