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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ellyn Weiss

The last few springs we've made a pilgrimage to our nation's lovely, cherry blossom-bestrewn capital. We don't make this pilgrimage because we are good citizens. We make it because we are unabashedly addicted to the National Air and Space Museum.

We missed the trip this year and now I'm REALLY TWEEKED about it because I just discovered Ellyn Weiss' blog about alternative art spaces in the DC area. Seriously, she could sell it as a how to/where to/why to find art in and around DC. When I get there next spring I am printing the whole silly thing out and writing dates and directions all over it. If you're already there, feel free to get started without me. I have to make a teeny stop at the NASM and then I'll be right along.

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