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Thursday, May 1, 2008

music news

So here I am, slogging through some of the more tedious parts of my job, and up pops an email from a new (so new, in fact, that it does not yet exist) local music/arts/life newspaper thingy. It's called C.O.D. and is described as being like the Phoenix (specifically, the old Phoenix). I love the Phoenix.

I have been derailed by less. I prowled through the media kit and tried to go to their website, but again, it is so new as to not actually exist yet.

Why am I so excited about this? Chris used to have a music magazine - an indie rag that had a bit of a local cult following. I don't mean that the local cults* followed it. I don't think it's especially up their alley.

Chris wants to throw himself, and me by association, back into the publishing business and I cannot in polite words tell you how not onboard I am with the whole harebrained idea. For starters, we have the business acumen of an empty stapler. I think actually that's my whole argument. That business thing. I would probably give the thing away within the first week to a bunch of good causes and a few nice people who just happened to be walking by at the moment.

So now someone else is starting C.O.D. and I will sleep better knowing that the looming void of art & music coverage is being filled, and not by us. We will, however, send them submissions daily until they finally agree to publish us. If you see articles with outlandish pseudonyms on things like which art openings have the best food and which local musicians know all the words to the songs in Sound ofMusic, you'll know who wrote them.

*For more information on our local cults, you'll have to pick up a copy of the Cape Cod Voice.

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