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Friday, May 23, 2008

opening day

Today a man helped me to the car with a large piece of sound equipment. We had to take it out of the box so we could fit it in the trunk and then stood looking at the empty box. "Do you want it?" he asked. "You can cut some windows in it and rent it out for the weekend." Which I think was just his way of saying "I hope you're not taking Route 6 home because YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE."

Or in other words, it has begun.

I know this kind of traffic is normal for lots of people, but it is not normal for us and we have absolutely no idea what to do with it except honk and weep and sometimes bang our heads on the steering wheel. In places where there is heavy traffic year-round they have things like stoplights and extra lanes and air traffic controllers. Here, you just figure out how to spend the next three months without ever taking a left hand turn. And then the people who are trying to take a left hand turn will suddenly get fed up with it all and say "okay I AM GOING NOW." and they do, no matter what else is going on in the world. And you can't really blame them because if they waited for a break in traffic they would be there until labor day and the sound of the person behind them honking and weeping and banging her head on the steering wheel would maybe make them want to throw themselves into oncoming traffic. Which they do.

But there are bright sides to all this.
  • Mac's Shack is open.
  • There are many, many places to get fried onion rings in any width you could possibly desire.
  • Opening night at the Beachcomber was last night.
I love opening night at the Beachcomber more than puppies and baby bunnies combined. You see everyone you know and they really seem delighted to see you because it's been a long time since we talked to other human beings and, you know, any port in a storm. Last night I happened to say "how is that baby of yours" to the frontman of one of the bands in the line-up and the next thing I know he's got out his cell phone and is showing me twenty pictures of said baby.

I was feeling all nostalgic last night, thinking about all the things that have happened on opening weekends past. One of the bands on opening night a few years back announced our engagement. Then there were the large-with-child summers, followed by the large-with-mudslides summers and the summer we met our future friend-in-law. And then there was the summer we discovered our friend Steve was having a baby with someone nobody knew.

When I got home I stood at the end of my driveway for a moment, amazed that I could hear the ocean. And then I realized that my ENTIRE HEAD was ringing from the Greenheads set. They are the loudest band on earth and sometimes make my hair follicles bleed - a small price to pay to hear the ocean at the end of my driveway. Just think what kind of rent I can charge for that box I brought home.


Bella said...

is the box big enough for a family of five?

Susan said...

Bella - oh definitely. But remember, you have to listen to very loud music before you can hear that whooshing ocean sound at the house. Fortunately we can arrange that.

We miss you.