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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

professional life

So tonight I threw down a total hissy fit about how I had these two big deadlines and had to get things in the mail tomorrow and blah blah blah and then I barked out some marching orders and retired to "the office" which is only differentiated from the rest of the livingroom by the fact that it is substantially messier.

In the office, where I made faster headway than I anticipated, I listened to Chris talk on the phone to a potential new client/venue/fodder-for-our-vanity from the comfort of the couch, where I had exiled him. I listen to him use all his fancy industry talk and tried not to ask stupid questions. He spoke about things like their "target" which is of course where I get summer shoes for the kids and Method cleaning products. I don't think he meant that.

I heard him say, "well it's crunch time around here, I think we're going to have to pass this month but count us onboard for next month."

"WHAT?!?!" I shouted from the office.

"Strike that," he says. "We'll get you something early next week."

Deadlines are things you complain about when you don't want to make dinner and aren't in the mood to go out for cocktails with those boring people down the street. Deadlines should never come between the deadliner and a fun new project. And heck, our new deadline is DAYS after the looming deadlines.

And sleep? Totally overrated.

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