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Friday, May 30, 2008

Rock Star

I think they're really asleep this time.

I have a couple of spare children here at the house having a slumber party while their Rock Star mama plays a gig. This is how I get my vicarious Hip Mom on. Since a little part of her is here at my house, then a little part of me is, by osmosis, shakin' its groove thing in a club.

Rock Star joined a new band recently and this is her second official show with them. I'm very excited for her and also very excited for me because this slumber party thing is really working out and may prove to be life changing. Tonight I babysit, tomorrow, the world.

It just occurred to me that most of the husbands-of-musicians I know show up at gigs pretty regularly, whereas the wives-of-musicians are a bit more scarce. I have no idea why this is. Any ideas? I will research. Which will require some nights out. Rock Star's husband is one of those princely fellows who is there to help wind cables and haul amps at the end of the night. He's also all "hey, that's MY WIFE you're oggling," which I think is sort of cute.

And speaking of such things, my new best friend Lindsay has just put up her blog - her really beautifully designed blog - Rock and Roll Mama. Her new blog is about keeping one's identity (specifically one's musical identity) after becoming a mom and I am very curious to see what she comes up with. This has been sort of a Theme and Variations around here, what with Rock Star kicking it up and the odd band making their way across our lawn from time to time, not to mention the occasional appearance of a sound board in our living room. We are, by the way, again unable to play ANY KIND OF MUSIC WHATSOEVER in our living room because Chris wandered off with the receiver.

And now I have to go make sure everyone's still in their own beds.


Lindsay said...

Hello You! I trust your trip home was excellent, despite the stormage. It was SO FUN to hang out with you IRL! Thanks so much for making the time, I loved it!
About your topical question above...I think male spouses have less guilt over leaving offspring to do something fun, whereas mamas tend to get a little hairshirty...leave our BABIES? Just to ROCK OUT? Pshhhhaa. Just broad gender stereotyping in my part.:)
Thanks for the link!

Susan said...

Holy Wrath of God unleashed torrentialness! I assume from your apparent internet connection that you still have power.

"Hairshirty" - I like that.

And I liked meeting YOU! Woohoo!