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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Second Annual Mother's Day Post

Good morning, all you mothers and non-mothers.

I'm on the couch at an absurdly early hour of the morning, considering that today I am supposed to be sleeping in. On the bright side, Chris is making pancakes and Lucy is putting the finishing touches on my noodle necklace. Studley hasn't yet grasped the concept of kissing up to mom yet and sneezed on me this morning. Which is why I got up, now that I think about it. There are some battles just not worth fighting.

So yesterday my sister introduced me to my new best friend, Rock & Roll Mama. We didn't get to meet each other in person, but we had both done some internet stalking and thanks to the wonders of Google had essentially already been out to coffee and on a few playdates by the time we talked on the phone. She googled me and found a picture of someone standing on a boat flipping the bird. It's not me in the picture, but I thought it was a nice introduction. I will tell you more about how my own googling went in a future post.

We chatted about the very real danger of losing one's music identity when babies arrive and take over most of one's life and a gigantic portion of one's brain. One day you're all Smashing Pumpkins and the next thing you know you're singing Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Fence. It's insidious.

And in other music news, Chris went to the Iron Horse in Northampton with Patty Larkin last night. On the way home they thought they'd listen to the cd from the opening band. So Patty rumaged around in the dark and popped in the cd, but instead of:
On A New York Night
You Tasted Someone Else’s Smile
Once you cross that line
You couldn’t help but kiss her twice
And isn’t it nice
To have
A secret of your own
When you’re alone
(Julie Loyd)

they heard:
Hello, everybody, so glad to see you
Hello, everybody, we're so glad to see you
(Music Together)

These are the dangers of motherhood. Be very, very afraid (and enjoy those runny eggs and spilled o.j. in bed).


Mary Alice said...

Happy Mother's Day...better runny eggs than runny pancakes!

thefoodsnob said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes.
The part I REALLY don't like is pretending that I'm still asleep for an hour!
The music thing I try to compensate for by listening to as much of MINE as I can while running, makes those little pumpkins a little easier to take!

(I love Northampton, just so cool.)