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Sunday, June 8, 2008

all that jazz

Back in May I forecasted the train-wreck potential of Lucy's upcoming recital. Nevertheless, I sent out an email to a few friends and may have casually mentioned it to a few more. No more than a couple hundred people total. Several people nodded and smiled and said they'd come. After all, it's Lucy's recital. What's cuter than a 5 year old with jazz hands, tap shoes and a patriotic hooker costume?

Then I went to the dress rehearsal. Half way through I started mentally composing a follow-up "save yourself" email. As people called to confirm the time and place I tried to gently dissuade them. It's a sunny beautiful day. It's right at dinner time. There will be lots of traffic.

The real reason is that the Awkward Factor of dancing teens* makes the The Office look like an episode of Masterpiece Theater.

And then today was upon us and we were too busy primping and preening to think of much more than "how does this hair net thing work?" Lucy wondered aloud why I sprayed pen remover in her hair (we don't use hairspray much around here, but keep it handy for when someone goes a little nuts with a Sharpie). And then it was showtime. Lucy, who is the consummate deer in headlights, got right in line and left me in the dressing room without a backward glance. She did not weep in the wings. She did not turn to a pillar of salt and refuse to move. I almost didn't recognize her.

One little girl was overheard saying "mommy, I just want to dance until I can't stand up anymore." I know Lucy feels the same way. I have absolutely no idea how the rest of the kids in her class did, because I couldn't take my eyes off the euphoric smile. Rarely, rarely, rarely have I seen her happier. Rarely have I been so glad that friends did not take my advice - it would have been a shame for them to miss her Yellow Polka Dot Bikini number.

She came home laden with an armload of flowers bigger than Studley. She would not let anyone else carry them until she realized they were going to knock her over. Honestly, I'm a little surprised she didn't try to tuck them in bed with her.

She is out cold now and I can only imagine what she must be dreaming of. Whatever it is, it's making her smile. I suspect it involves armloads of flowers.

*to be fair, dancing teens were MUCH better when it was the real thing. And Lucy's teen teacher/helper person danced so beautifully I watched her On Purpose.


Ha-Hoo said...

I had a hard time keeping it together.
Cutest Lucys ever + Sequined overalls x awkward teens / busty tapping geriatrics + inappropriate children's costumes + stripper moves - the pole = you all owe me BIG TIME!
And another thing, did you notice the absence of single men? I did.

Lindsay Maines said...

That is AWESOME!!! Sound slike so much fun. I actually go to every dance recital I can. as I am so envious of those who can dance. They give me hope. :)

Fred said...

I wish I could have been two places at once, but it's just so darn hard for me to stay away from "church" on Sunday's ... besides, I figured one of the Lucys' papas would have video and/or lots of pics ... please tell me I wasn't wrong!

Besides ... if I would've been the only single man there, it would've been pretty darn creepy (sorry ha-hoo!)

Susan said...

ha-hoo - You should write theater reviews for a living. Sooooo...want to come over and watch the dvd?

Lindsay - we'll call you around this time next year so you can come. Or maybe you can buzz by and watch the dvd a couple hundred times with us.

fred - I wouldn't want to risk your incredibly casual soul and am glad you went to church. Besides, Ha-Hoo and Lindsay keep bugging me about watching the dvd, so come on by!