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Friday, June 27, 2008

eating chia pets

A new book arrived in the mail today, "The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics." I got it because a friend of mine invited me to take a macrobiotic cooking class with her, and then suggested I read this book ahead of time (so I would maybe stop asking stupid questions).

I still have no idea what macrobiotics are, but I did notice the quotes on the back of the book are from Gwyneth Paltrow's macrobiotic chef and Madonna's macrobiotic chef. So obviously what I need is not a book, it is a chef.

The best part of this cooking class thing is that it happens the day before my nephew comes for a visit. This is the nephew who is pretty sure we're feeding him catfood (it was lentils) and has not even heard of many of the things we eat. The first year he came out we prepared for the week as if it were an episode of Fear Factor.

I can't wait to serve him Millet Mashed "Potatoes" with Mushroom Gravy - or really anything in which one of the ingredients has quotes around it. Note to self, stay away from the "Flan."

Faux foods aside, I'm pleased to have this book on my shelf. It looks impressive and implies that I'm a hip chick. It also implies that I'm a hypocrite and a poser, but whatever.

You'll tell me if I have seaweed stuck in my teeth, yes?


Sturdy Girl said...

Oh, you know I will!

I just don't understand so many people are now claiming there is a right way to eat. I mean, really. If there were, there would be some sense of unity, like maybe 85% of the food Natzi's would agree on low carb or something. But everyone seems to have a different idea. And why do these food plans seem to exclude entire food groups?

Susan said...

Sturdy - I KNOW! And as soon as I say I'm going to exclude an entire food group I find myself, zombie-like, heading for the closest cheese burger and fries (unless I say I'm going to exclude seaweed. I could probably be okay with that).