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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Evolution of the Chia Pet

In plant news: apparently I put in some kind of heirloom sugar snap pea this year and the resulting pod looks more like a banana pepper than a pea. I thought I might have inadvertently sewn shelling peas, but then my gardening friend (who unwittingly purchased and planted the same peas) discovered that they are just super huge and super sweet. I would tell you what kind they are but I have no idea. Once seeds are planted around here they are as good as dead, so I discard all memorabilia promptly.

In more plant news, I made a recipe from that macrobiotic book. When I was flipping through it (trying not to flip out) I discovered recipes that are disconcertingly similar to recipes I already make. By that I mean make willingly, with ingredients I would eat willingly. I had everything on hand to make the avocado rice salad - except for shoyu. I don't have shoyu because I don't know what it is. I figured it was some kind of seaweed, since the rest of the recipe seemed to be devoid of seaweed. I flipped to the glossary where, lo and behold, I discovered it is soy sauce. In pig latin. Or maybe Japanese. Definitely Japanese, because I am fluent in pig latin.

Oy-say Auce-say.

And then we tried it and behold, it was very good. It was so good, in fact, that I offered it to my mother-in-law (who sometimes wonders what I am thinking). I offered her a choice of rice salad or chicken pot pie. She chose rice salad. And she liked it! She said many nice things about it - including that she didn't think she would like it.

But macrobiotics and I are simply not meant to be. This morning I took the rest of the salad and put a fried egg on it for breakfast. It rocked.

I won't mention this when I take my cooking class. In fact, I probably won't say much of anything at my class - although I am very excited about it. As much as I'm not sold on a macrobiotic diet, I'm pretty okay with the food. I'm also okay with ice cream.

Ice-yay Eam-cray.

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