‎"...a little 'trouty', but quite good" ~ Eve Kendall, North By Northwest

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sprouts from sprouts

Happy Father's Day.

This morning we escorted Chris out to the garden, where we have been hiding his present for the last few weeks. We couldn't bring it in to him because it, unlike many of its friends and neighbors, is flourishing.

Lucy and Studley gave Chris Brussels sprouts for father's day.

Chris loves Brussels sprouts. I do not, but am willing to give them a try fresh out of the garden. They'll be delicious, right? I do love the way they look when the little sprouts start to grow. I would maybe play marbles with them or find a sling shot. "And that's the house that used to have a granite sink in the driveway. Now there's just a woman who sits on the porch firing Brussels sprouts at dog walkers."

I don't mind dog walkers, but nobody else gets within range.


JAbel said...

I'm amazed you have Brussel sprouts already.It can't be very far into the growing season.I did them here one winter as a cool season crop.I love em but your mention of tossing them at folks makes me think I might grow another few plants next fall to use as Anti Squirrel weapons.

Ambley said...

I hate to admit that I love Brussel sprouts, but I do. They're just wonderful if you split them in two and saute them in butter. Honestly, what's not good sauted in butter?

Susan said...

jabel - no actual sprouts yet, just the plants. We don't expect any sprouts for a few months yet. They're alleged to get sweeter with every frost they go through before harvest. We'll see.

Ambley - good point about the butter. And I still love you even if you like ewky vegetables.