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Friday, June 6, 2008

the whipped cream diet

I love oxymorons and so I am very much in love with Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville. Without making it sound like I'm a repeat offender, I must confess to a certain fondness for the following sentence: "I'd like a diet sized sundae with coffee ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and pecans."

It's right there on the sundae menu. Diet size.

I would be a repeat offender except Four Seas is only open in the summer and so I cannot possibly go 365 days a year. I know it is only open in the summer because a couple years ago Sarah told me she had seen a mutual acquaintance there on opening day.

Because I had never been to Four Seas, I heard "I saw your friend Julie at 4Cs on opening day."

4Cs is Cape Cod Community College. I was just starting to get to know Sarah and I thought to myself sheesh, I should probably start using bigger words and reference scientific findings when I talk to her. Because who is first in line at Community College summer school? Then she tells me she was there with her kids and I go into a full-blown panic attack. I have to sign my kids up for some kind of acadamic brainiac camp? I was kind of thinking more along the lines of sailing lessons. But if her kids are going to summer college then my kids had better go too or else they'll never learn the periodic table in time for kindergarten.

I can't imagine what my side of the conversation sounded like to Sarah, as I tried to make her think that I too always hang out at 4Cs in the summer. You know, taking classes and stuff.

Four Seas is probably half an hour from my house (thus my ability to still fit through doors), so it wasn't until closing day last year that I finally had a chance to see what it was all about. And then I showed up on day two of this season. And day four. And today. And a couple times in between. But they're diet-sized sundaes so it's okay.

They make their own ice cream, and fudge sauce (all the other sauces too, I suppose), and whipped cream. The pecans are salted, which reminds me of childhood sundaes at Brigham's (Bananafananas, specifically). I don't tend to be one of those my-mother-makes-the-best-meatloaf nostalgic eaters until it comes to salted pecans on my sundaes.

And aesthetically, you can't find a better summer ice cream hang-out. It is straight out of a movie - with hand-written flavors, sloping floors and the world's smallest restroom. It is so authentic it should be transported shingle-by-shingle to a museum in China.

But not yet.


JAbel said...

They have a cool web site and some interesting flavors but searching the web did not come up with Mabel Phinneys"Cape Cod Calls" poem from whence the four seas came.

Susan said...

JAbel- I should have linked them: www.fourseasicecream.com
Scroll to the bottom and click "photos" (I swiped my two from there).

Lindsay said...

Oh my heavens to Betsy if I could name a most perfect sundae in the world that would be it. Except maybe...bigger...no, actually the diet size is beautiful because then you still make it home before the sugar crash hits.
Please to fedex me one.

Ha-Hoo said...

Thought you should know that it is easier to eat a Regular sized sundae without feeling sick if you skip the nana sandwich.

China could use a little more appreciation for the birth place of REAL hot fudge.